Breaking! Governor Scott is Dictating!

The Daily Business Review reports that "Governor Rick Scott [today] signed a bill dictating how the state will spend its share (200 million) of the 25 billion national mortgage settlement" that resulted from foreclosure abuses.

21.2 million is earmarked for Heritage Insurance or other companies that gave $110 million or more to the Rick Scott campaign for governor to state courts to hire senior judges and staff and for technology to help "speed foreclosure." $9.7 million goes to court clerks to help "speed" foreclosure backlog, $10 million to legal aid for people in foreclosure, $60 million to help subsidize low income rentals, $40 million to help low income families buy a home, and $50 million to help provide housing to Florida's homeless, disabled or victims of domestic violence. Wait: is Governor Scott pulling a Charlie? This feels awfully liberal, touchy-feely, Democrat hand-out-ish, to me.

Seems like the Governor got this one right.

In other news, Enriqueta's may re-open soon.

N.B: That allocation he dictated adds up to only 190.9 million.


  1. Worst governor by far.

  2. This post is an epic fail. Next!

  3. Rick,

    Stay off the blogs.

  4. What are you, 12?

    "Epic" is, like, so 2012.

  5. When did fail become an noun?

    But this is your big chance @9:05. We're accepting submissions! Show us what you got!


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