Can You See Me Now?

Happy Monday to you all. Where is the time travel guy? I'd like to figure out how I can scratch that "Smoke Opium with Chairman Mao" item off my bucket list.

I'm nauseous, but not from Opium, from this.

Let's forget the fact that Glenn Greenwald has broken more news this week than lapdog journalist and sometimes Karl Rove dance partner David Gregory has, EVER. Let's forget the fact that we have a 1st Amendment for the reason so that we can be warned when politicians are doing bad things, like violating the 4th Amendment. Let's also forget the fact that there is enough space between Gregory's nose and lips to land a hovercraft. I'm a student of nonviolence. Gandhi and John Lennon are my heroes. But something about this Meet the Press shill activates a part of my lizard brain that looks for the weak areas to strike.

Gregory is just one big weak spot.

Honestly, I couldn't care less about Snowden. Is he a traitor? Maybe. I have no idea what info he gave to the Chinese or the Russians. But I do know about the information he gave to us. Where are the usual suspects who will howl like mad dogs at the slightest hint of a 2nd Amendment violation and why are they willing to lay down at the complete circumvention of the 4th Amendment?

"Collect everything on everyone all the time and sort it out latter" seem to be the NSA's position here. I'm not a lawyer. I just play one on the internet (and an occasional telenovela), but how does that square even remotely with our 4th Amendment protections? There is a neat little feature in Mac OS called "Time Machine" which enables you to go back in time and find that file you accidentally tossed. It's a nice feature for a personal computer, but it seems to me the NSA wants to create one for the whole world. No communication goes unrecorded. No harsh statement erased by time.

You can call that safety. But to me the NSA is claiming radical new powers and perverting technology in a despicable way. Even worse, I now find myself on the same side of this issue as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

It's not even 3:00 on Monday and I already need a shower.


  1. It's, "I could not care less about ...."

  2. If that's my only typo I'm ready!

  3. I love Godwhacker's sexcurity posts!

  4. that dude looks like me

  5. I time travel for funJune 24, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    Can't help you with Mao. Can take you to see the Dolphins pound the Patriots on MNF, the last game of the year. Griese throws a couple of TDs and Garo kicks a FG in the Orange Bowl. Beautiful December evening. That's about all I can offer bucket list wise, from 1978.


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