Faker SFL Friday!

Sorry SFL but I'm Greek.

Happy Friday!


  1. Greeks need no apology. They invented everything including, most likely, the apology.

  2. http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2013/06/attorneys-in-weinstein-fraud-told-to-return-23-million-to-weinstein-victim-678.html

  3. I time travel for funJune 22, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    For those of your interested, I will be traveling back to December 16, 1978 on July 3rd for the 4th of July weekend. I will report on my adventures the following Monday unless when I return it is later than that.
    My goals: make enough money to leave some behind so when I return I can keep building my stash. Note that this is before the Florida lottery so I cannot play that. As I have explained, getting to a race track is inexplicably difficult, so I must try and use other knowledge to my advantage. That day is a Saturday. There is a full slate of football games the following sunday of which I know the scores. Also, if I find a gambling event- say a craps game, and note the time and the result, the result repeats every-time I return. So there are ways to make money, but it's hard. Now here is an interesting tidbit: if I bring money minted before 1978 but from 2011 back to 1978 I can use it. However, if I bring say a current 20 dollar bill, it slowly crumbles and then disintegrates and leave not one trace- no ash, nothing, it just fizzles within a minute and then is gone. Now here is the worst part- the same thing happens to everything else I bring- Including clothes- so the first time I went- I saw what was happening and returned before I was naked. The next time I went with some old money and ran to a nearby drug store and bought some clothes before mine disintegrated. Then I use these and have since built up an adequate wardrobe.

    I tell you, there are a thousand other problems I had to overcome before I could exist adequately in 1978. And one piece of advice- do NOT bring an IPHONE or any electronic device including a digital watch. It explodes in a fairly violent and heat intense fashion and as they say, once burned, twice shy.

    That's all for now. I will post some more updates before I leave for my next trip.

    BTW the Dolphins creamed the Patriots that Monday night in an MNF game here in Miami- at the Orange Bowl-23-3. It was a great game. It was the last game of the year and the OB was sold out and rocking. Nat Moore and Duriel Harris caught TD passes from Griese and Garo Yepremian kicked a 30 yard field goal in the 4th quarter. And Shula was positively skinny on the sideline. It was a beautiful cool December evening in Old Miami and I have enjoyed that game now a few times. Anyway, more later.

  4. This guy is freaking me out!

  5. @11:24

    Disintegrating clothing? Now this is getting good!

  6. This is I time travel for fun- I can't seem to enter my name from my phone. Anyway the simple rule I've learned is that anything made after 1978 cant be brought back to 1978. Its a paradox the universe wont allow. From a paper clip to scotch tape to- get this- a bottle of water- it all disintergrates and leaves no residue. And while I cannot prove it, that includes food I've just eaten. If in partially disgested form in my stomach at the time I travel, it burns I puke and then it just sizzles and disappears. As I said this is serious difficult stuff I am doing and I do not reccomend it for just anyone.

  7. Please stop. I don't like thinking about this. It's too weird.

  8. Hello all. I am from the Kashmir region of Paki-India. I wish not to say which side for my family safety. I am using all social media I can find to ask for help for us all. Call me the Pindar for now please. People here are sick and the soldiers from both sides are taking people from the villages. When they die they are buried but then....the graves become empty and then there are seesings of those people and then there are fights with soldiers. The governments tell us nothing and we need help of all people especiallys the UK and USA and Canada. Please, ask your local governments to investigate.


  9. First time travel. Now Zombies. This blog is undergoing some radical changes.


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