Gay Day!

I can't say that I was awake all night wondering what was coming down the pipe from SCOTUS today. Good sex makes for good sleep. But after a little coffee I'm now sufficiently on edge. I began my gay rights activism over 20 years ago and I've had two primary focuses ~ the military ban on gays and the glaring marriage inequality. One down, one to go.

Whatever the court decides today, the battle for human rights is not yet over. So long as the rights of any group are diminished, all humanity suffers. While I hope for a big step forward today, I'm troubled by the step backwards that we took yesterday. I have friends who waited 8 hours to vote in the last election. Surprise, they lived in minority neighborhoods. Those who think that racism is fixed because we have a black president are as naive as are those who believe homophobia will end when LGBTQ folks have legal equality. Justice is not a light switch. It's slow and painful, and it takes generations.

Racism, sexism, homophobia and religious intolerance all stem from the same defective thinking, and even if I get mine today I wont be happy until everyone gets theirs. Given the level of injustice in the world, I guess that means on some level that I'll never be completely happy. And that's OK. At least the sex is great!


  1. Nice post-- thank you. Hopefully in about an hour we can come back here to celebrate.

  2. morality and Gods standard is what we need not this mess!

  3. Gods that stand in the way of love and humanity get 'Whacked 'round here.

  4. "morality and Gods standard"? I suggest that it would be both moral and God would approve if you jumped off the closest fucking building (don't land on a person or car please).


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