Godwhacker's Weak in Review

Hi kiddies, are you ready for the weekend? If you spent all your time and energy this week watching geographically based sporting events, here's what you missed.

You sort of have a right to remain silent.

You haven't arrived until you've arrived in one of these.

Slave themed weddings are still taboo.

Bad things happen to good people.

People on food stamps are living it up!

Some tattoos are weird.

Turns out Brazil isn't just one big party town.

Darrell Issa likes facts. His facts.

Thanks to James Gandolfini we know that sociopaths have feelings too. RIP and respect!

That beeping sound you hear is a Brinks truck backing up at Robert Downey Jr.'s place.

And remember these axioms; peace is better than war. Love is better than hate. It's not until your final breath that it's really too late.


  1. The Chicken Limo. Cluck, Cluck!

    Happy Friday SFL, Godwhaker, GB & Faker SFL

  2. Back at you 11:22!

    And I can't believe I left out Happy Solstice. I'm a lousy pagan.

  3. SFL, I see you have the data uplink established on the submarine. Impressive!

  4. Happy Solstice GW!


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