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COCONUT GROVE, FL - This year, I will have practiced law in South Florida for twenty years. Finally, I think I am ineligible for the Young Lawyers’ section of The Florida Bar. Here are some thoughts on my experience:

Law is the profession for someone who is both intellectually curious and fetishistically detail-oriented. The job market now is horrible, so anyone considering practicing law should probably think again. That said, there is something supremely satisfying about crafting a good legal argument. It is best to get feedback from colleagues when putting together any legal product, being willing, eager even, to accept criticism will always result in better product.

Being a member of The Florida Bar is a privilege. The collegiality among lawyers is by far one of the best aspects of the practice. It is good when you can have a pitched battle in the courtroom, step out and be friends with opposing counsel. Unfortunately, there are some lawyers who do not understand this relationship, they seem to take disputes personally. There are also lawyers who contest unimportant issues, or take positions that are simply wrong. The law provides remedies for that, but having to seek them is a waste and brings down the reputation of the profession.

Ironically, the biggest challenge in what we do is our clients. Some don’t pay. Some question your advice. Some want, as I put it, for their lawyer to become the righteous sword of their indignation. Each time a client says, “I’d rather pay you than pay him,” the answer should be, “You’re going to pay him and me, and you’re going to end up disliking us both.” The best client is one who pays on time and takes your advice.

If you have any extra, please send a few my way.

In the meantime, check out my blog Dispatches From Coconut Grove. The posts are more general interest, but there are some law-related posts. Recently, for instance, I propose adopting a single subject limitation to the Constitution.


  1. Welcome to the blog Patrick! Feel free to post some of those T&A shots here. That's what they really want! :)

  2. “You’re going to pay him and me, and you’re going to end up disliking us both.”

    true dat

  3. Thanks for the insightful post. Hopefully you can displace the dreadful Aronfield content that litters this blog of late.

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