Russell S. Adler v. Justin Beiber !

Longtime and careful readers of The Blog know that SFL has followed Russell S. Adler (here) since that little thingy he had a few years back.

The Intreprid One reports that Adler is somehow still licensed to practice law rising like a Phoenix to take on none other than The Beib for recent contretemps (used with permission from Rumpole) involving cameras and bodyguards. The complaint is here.

"Bodyguards are supposed to serve a defensive role," Adler said. "They are not supposed to be used as a weapon against innocent photographers."

Exactly. A defensive role. Like this guy. Or this guy.

"Justin Bieber is out of control and this case is as much about stopping his course of contact through a punitive damages claim as it is about compensating my client for this horrific incident."

Hmm. Really?

But, watching the video above and seeing the little guy pop out of his limo like a weasel from a jack in the box shooting off his mouth while surrounded by bodyguards, maybe Russ' quest is noble after all. (Oh come on: who among us doesn't want to see Beiber get his ass kicked?)

Good luck, Russ! Welcome back!

Anyone know who represents The Beib?


  1. Wow! Burns are the most painful thing in the world, second to nothing! These poor people to be burned alive while
    conscious, unimaginable! My heart goes out to the families. And especially to those that survived and witnessed this!
    May God give them peace!!!!

  2. "Long time and careful readers..." What a catchy phrase! Congrats for thinking it up....

  3. Sincerest form of flattery


  4. told you about the Beib a long time ago but you stopped posting my posts.

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  6. Oh Russell Adler how I adore thee for this!! Teach this little punk a lesson and make him pull up his pants!!


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