Third DCA Report

GMT Construction v. Gulfside Supply

Summary Judgment is only proper where, after review of every inference in favor of the non-movant, no genuine issue of material fact remainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


  1. I guess you missed the dissent in the Sean Conway case....

  2. Oops. I mean Sean Casey.

  3. Rumpole's turf.

    And recycling old news.


  4. The opinion on Sean Casey shows Angelica Zayas as the Assistant Attorney General. She was appointed Judge in December 2011. The 54-page dissent has elicited no comments? Or is everyone still reading it?

  5. The dissent makes me think that Leslie Rothenberg has an axe to grind with Hirsch. Rothenberg has a poison pen and is soiling the reputation of the court. Her agenda shines through, at the expense of the integrity of the court. She seems to be coopting the court.

    You asked.

  6. Rump has it judge, and his blog is on fire.


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