Forty at Fifty in Eleven

There must be something in our water.

Forty lawyers in the Eleventh Circuit are celebrating their Fiftieth year as members of the Bar. That's incredible.

There are too many folks to list but check out page 10 of the July 1, 2013 Florida Bar News. The list reads like a Who's Who. Congratulations to all.

N.B. Please tell me I won't be doing this for another 29 years ...


  1. I time travel for funJuly 2, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    So tomorrow is the big day. At some point, carrying a bag with $4,000 in cash with bills from 1977 or before, and wearing clothes and shoes from the same time period I will slip behind a vending machine and be transported back to December 1978.
    My intention is to stay the weekend, see the Dolphins/Patriots monday night game at the OB and then head back to the lot Tuesday morning and return. When I return it could be anywhere from a day before I left to a few days later, so I can't say when I can report to you next. I will be staying at the Fountainbleau Hotel on the beach because I found a clerk who will check me in without a credit card for a 50 on the side and I like the pool action. For kicks I may hang out at the Justice Building on Monday. If I see any lawyers I know I will let you know.

    This is just a fun adventure at this point. I have realized that I cannot make any money off this situation, so I just try and enjoy the experience for other reasons.

    Bon Voyage.

  2. wtf is this guy talking about.

  3. Take pictures!!

  4. As Einstein wrote: "People like us, who believe in Physics, know the distinction between the past, the present, and the future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion". In that sense time traveler could be real. I would like him to leave a message of some sort in the REGJB- some sign scratched somewhere in 1978 that we can then go check out. Just a thought. Happy travels mi amigo.

  5. 7:56 pm lol lol lol


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