Godwhacker's Week in Rearview

A roundup of the weekly news combined with gratuitous pictures exposing the "rearview" of human anatomy for higher ratings.  

Hi Kiddies, did you miss me? I'm always here. I see you when you're sleeping. I know when you're awake. I'm somewhere between the NSA and Santa, but not as benevolent or malevolent.

So, is there some legal story dominating the news this week? Hell, I can't turn on the news. Zimmerman is like Superman, only his power is to occupy ever freaking channel all at once. This has forced me into TV news wastelands like CNBC. It's like a bad cartoon where I'm waiting for the safe to fall on the idiot's head only that, the good part, never happens. Do these people take themselves seriously? I can't imagine.


Do you ever think that Janet Napolitano is really Judge Napolitano in drag?

It was a really bad week for this guy, but how do you go from lead singer of The Smiths to being president of Egypt?

Starvation is back!

da Vinci's dream of a human powered helicopter is finally a reality.

Things are freaky at Walmart.

Gay divorce has come to Florida?

Cancer has been cured (again)!

Finally, here are some more hot backsides, and a serious note from Oliver Stone.

Lesson 1 from Master Steven: A is A and Ass is Ass. 


  1. Happy Friday Godwhacker and SFL! !

  2. GW,

    I knew we had similar tastes.

    In news, I mean.

    When do we get to inform his readership that SFL has officially dropped out and is returning to his vacation life for life?


    NB - what about me, @ 12:24!

  3. It seems the older I get the more bisexual I become. Have a great weekend all.

    I hear SFL is on the shortlist to be the new Fatherland, I mean Homeland Security Director.

    Great minds think alike GB!

  4. Internal and external threats require extreme measures. Once terrorism is completely and finally defeated constitutional protections will be restored.

  5. @1:03

    Didn't you get the memo? This is the forever war. A nightmare for civil libertarian, Candy Land for security and defense contractors. Peace kills profits!

  6. Is 98 a guy or a girl? Hot either way.

  7. @3:23

    That pick is supposed to be a woman. But then the Internet is like a cross dressers bar, you never know what you're going to get.

  8. The picture is so clearly a woman, unless you are predisposed to dream of 12 year old boys....now before you all call me anti gay, I will affirm that I am not. Just say'n.

  9. @3:57

    I'm a Navy vet. It was common practice when shore leave was granted in the Philippines to take the new guys certain houses of ill repute. The entertainers were guys, but from start to finish you'd never know it. Many freaked out when they learned the truth. I went back for more!

    But no one should accuse you of being a homophobe for your remark.

  10. Godwhacker is subverting the youth of the nation with vulgar pansexuality.

    Well done.

  11. Happy Friday, SFL. :)

    You too Godwhacker.

  12. There is nothing more sexy than the small of a woman's back.


  13. I time travel for funJuly 12, 2013 at 8:15 PM

    I’m totally freaked. I got this text today from an unknown number:

    “This is me/u/I. I came back from 1978. U need to go back and fix something. Can’t say what. But you’ll figure it out. U/I/me went and came back and sent this text and then went back knowing U/I/me would get this text. I/u/me got stuck in a bad loop. Go back and fix it soon please. Only u/me/I can do it.”

    So here's what I am thinking- in the future, tomorrow, sunday, monday, I go into the wormhole and get stuck in a loop where I am returning today (Friday) repeatedly and I (from the future) somehow sent myself a text warning me (current Friday me) about my next trip where I have already been and changed something so now I am warned when I go not to do whatever I did,
    You following this? It's hard.
    What if I just don't go anymore? shouldn't that fix the loop? Or if I already went, I am thus destined to go again, but now I have to refrain from doing something that caused a time loop.

    Jeeze- I have no idea how I will sleep tonight. And this time travel business is very very complicated to say the least.

  14. Godwhacker - how come you let that criminal defense dude markus run a post titled "role reversal...." before you did so?

  15. First come first serve! It's all about billing.

  16. I woke up at 7:35 a.m this morning. The 122nd time this year I have done that and all but two Saturdays this year, including strangely the first Saturday of the year.

    I should describe myself. I am an attorney, 35 yoa, and I suffer from OCD and am considered a very high functioning individual with aspergers syndrome. I work at a medium size firm where I do transactional work. My excessive and indeed obsessive attention to detail make me very good at my work. My disability makes it very hard for me to work well with others. But my supervisor understands, and I work more hours than anyone, so they make a lot of money off of me.

    I would like to post on your blog. I was thrown off my last blog. I do not lie. Part of my obsession is to have to tell people when I woke up. I have other obsessions. Like baseball. I am obsessed with numbers and time and baseball is full of numbers but has no time which makes it easier on me.

    Can I post here most days? I have surveyed other blogs and yours seems most promising. I would prefer not to discuss the incident that got me banned on another blog. Perhaps another time. The high in Miami today was 86 degrees at 2pm. I am also obsessed with weather.
    Thank you.

  17. Having received or read no objections, I am going to post here. I woke up this morning at 5:52 am, two minutes before my regular wake up time. I should note a mistake in my prior post. 7:35 is my weekend wake up time and it should read the 22nd time, not the 122nd time. I prefer to wake up at 5:54 on week days. I have statistics on this dating to June 11, 1992, when I started keeping records of this.
    The high temperature yesterday was 87 degrees at 2:27 pm. Right now the high is 89, so today will be and is, hotter. I am on break for lunch. Today is the 32nd day in a row I am having a peanut butter and jelly on Bahama Bread whole wheat, which is the bread I prefer. I will eat this three more days and then change after the 35th day, which will be Thursday. Then I will rotate to salmon spread which I make from canned salmon for 35 days. More on lunch rotation at another time. Thanks.

  18. Edward OCD is OOC! Lol.


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