Patriotic 3d DCA Watch -- Judge Shepherd, Michael Moore and Melanie Damian Together Again Edition!

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

In honor of the founding of our nation, the Resplendently Robed Ones have issued a special commemorative 3d DCA Watch, filled with fan favorites and fireworks -- let's get right to it:

First off, there is this:

Chief Judge Elect - Frank A. Shepherd to become Chief Judge.
On July 1, 2013, Chief Judge Elect- Frank A. Shepherd will succeed Chief Judge Linda Ann Wells of the Third District Court of Appeal for a term that will run through July 1, 2015.
Dear Time Traveler:  see what happens when you go to 1978 for the weekend?

Congrats to the new Chief Judge!

Marine Resource v. Michael Moore:

Hey, what do you know -- this case involves resident American gadfly Michael Moore!

(True, this Michael Moore is a local attorney, but a Moore's a Moore I always say!)

Omes v. Ultra Enterprises:

This case involves the Ultra Festival and Melanie Damian.

'Nuff said!

Happy holidays!


  1. Happy 4th SFL!.

  2. Ditto! Welcome back.

  3. Love the picture of mel

  4. Let's hear it for anti-colonial colonialism!

  5. How was your Independence Day celebration? I hope you had a blast.

  6. No contact from time traveler? Just wounding.

  7. Not 'nuff said. The decision in Omes v. Ultra Enterprises, while probably reaching the right result, is full of language treating the access to corporate records by a shareholder as little more than a nuisance. This is dangerous language for minority shareholders.


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