Play the Biogenesis Guessing Game!

The defunct Coral Gables "anti-aging clinic" not only drew high-profile athletes and baseball stars, but allegedly also some local lawyers and even "at least" one local judge:
Porter Fischer, a former Biogenesis employee, investor and client, said that besides pro baseball, basketball, boxing and soccer athletes — collegiate ball players, as well as local police officers, lawyers and at least one judge — are among those who spent thousands of dollars a month at the clinic, which operated out of a storefront across the street from the University of Miami.

Fischer has not made any names public....
So who could it be?

(Only Porter Fischer allegedly knows for sure.)

Question: should we start drug-testing our judges for performance-enhancing medication?

Sheesh I know motion calendar is a grind, but really stick with ginseng and vodka like the rest of us.....


  1. chiclets and coke work fine for me

  2. I hear feasting on the lifeforce of the young and innocent will add centuries to your life. Not that I have any personal experience in this.



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