Racism is Over!

Hey everyone, did you hear the good news? Racism is over! The recent ruling on the Voting Rights Act has combined in a lovely cocktail with everything they've told me on Fox News, so now I know the truth. Racism is over.

More black men are imprisoned today than were held in bondage during the height of slavery, but racism is over.

Black President? Racism is over.

You can follow and assassinate, then claim self defense, but racism is over.

If you waited twice the average time to vote, you might be a minority. Good thing that racism is over.

Sing a song.
Sing out loud, sing out strong. Just don't sing while Mexican, or Puerto Rican or whatever the hell non-English speaking country you come from. Like New York. But thankfully racism is over.

As a baby Godwhacker I grew up in a world where racism, sexism and homophobia were common place. Wise beyond my years, I knew that it all came from the same defective reasoning ~ the ignorant fallacy "that one kind of man was superior to another kind of man".

Being a gay man, I'm like a stealth minority. I didn't survive in the 1980s military without being able to hide my gayness. Put a little southern twang in my voice, and racists think I'm one of them. I have fun on my little recon missions into their conversations. What I find completely refutes the idea that racism is over. It's better hidden, for sure. Racists have the 'good sense' not to voice their prejudices openly. Usually.

We have made progress, but despite that progress racism is alive and well. It's not going to go away on it's own. We can't click our Ruby Slippers and make it go away. But like all problems, it first has to be acknowledged before we can find real solutions.

And for Godwhacker's sake, don't flirt with a barmaid while Hispanic. You'll only get what you deserve.


  1. That must be the first assassination in history to be perpetrated by an assassin who was getting his ass beaten into the ground.

  2. Right, when you lose a fight you started, shoot first. Claim stupid latter.

  3. I hereby nominate OCD Edward's Goldfish, Ernesto, to be blog mascot.

  4. @10:45

    WRONG! I guess you missed the part of the Zapruder film where Kennedy gave Oswald a round house sucker punch.

  5. I knew I should have written on the royal birth or Asian lesbaisn.

  6. The man, the myth, the legend- The Shumie is in the civil jury pool! Pass out the cigars!

    Ps. Second the nomination of Ernesto. All in favor?

  7. Ernesto! Ernesto!

  8. Confessing ignorance, can someone explain why Hispanics (my experience is only South FL) are also prejudiced toward blacks? I have seen and heard brown cops, storeowners, taxi drivers, barbers, etc. discuss and treat blacks very similarly to good ole boy white racists. I understand it doesnt come with the same history of oppression and hatred, but perhaps someone here can lend some commentary. I get the nationalism that some Hispanics have and the biases they hold against people from other hispanic countries, but I do not yet understand the resentment some of them hold against African Americans.

  9. Shum got game. Just don't keep him on the panel past 3pm.

    Aye for Ernesto the goldfish as blog mascot.

  10. @4:41

    My ex was Dominican. To see him on the street, he was a black man. But to maintain his cultural pecking order he considered himself Latino, not black when in truth he was both. In an odd way, he was prejudiced against himself.

    I read a reaction to the Marc Anthony comments by a Latin man which went something like, "All Latins ain't like them Mexicans".

    So there there is prejudice within the Latino community even against other Latinos and plenty left over for blacks.

    It doesn't make sense. We only need to know that it's wrong.

  11. GW - it just shows that prejudice is born of ignorance and not race. Any person of any race can be ignorant. Ditto prejudice.

  12. Ernesto the Goldfish as the blog mascot? No! But what about the awesome flamingo? What will become of him?

  13. Wise words Rumpole!

    @7:50 I know that Flamingo and she's a drunk.

  14. Ernesto Fan Club PrezJuly 23, 2013 at 7:59 AM

    Just checking in for my morning Ernesto update. Was he fed last night? When is his tank cleaned? The fans want to know!
    I see big things here. At first I thought we could spin off OCD Edward with his own blog. Now that's a gimme. The real move is to sign Ernesto up. Miami's first goldfish blog! The ad revenue will be in the millions!

  15. I say keep the flamingo as the blog's mascot. I've decided to name him Fernando. Fernando the Flamingo.

  16. The blog header and the Flamingo are my creation. But I will accept the name Fernando, provided the corresponding Abba song be considered his theme song.

  17. Godwhacker, glad you approve of the name Fernando.

    Cue Abba....


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