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SFL Friday -- Go Home Already!

Come on, it's Friday, the dog days of summer, whatever you are doing is not that important and can probably wait until Monday.

(Except you, time traveler and Edward OCD, keep us posted on your activities.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the blog SFL

  2. Surf's Up! Happy Friday/Weekend, SFL.

  3. Ps. @2:15, ditto!

  4. Get with the lingo. We call that "Shumie Time". Duh.

  5. Excuse me but some of us have an intern bent over the desk, and no it can't wait until Monday.

  6. I got all sorts of flack for comments like that on my blog.

  7. What's the deal with Nelson Bunker Hunt? Who gives their kid a middle name after a hazard on a golf course?

  8. I eat flack for breakfast and wash it down with whiskey. Also, anyone who takes anything I say seriously is in store for a massive reality deficit. And yes, the intern had a really good time.

  9. Assuming your comment was meant semi-seriously (my condition gives me problems in interpreting the differences between humor and seriousness, which at times leads to me acting inappropriately. and in two incidents resulted in restraining orders - one of which resulted in me moving, which I can tell you is not something easy for me) here is what I do on Saturdays: 1) I try and sleep later than usual. 2) I check the weather for yesterday to verify the forecast and see whether any records were set 3) I eat my Saturday breakfast- oatmeal, dry whole wheat toast. 4) I go to my dry cleaners and exchange my dirty shirts for cleaned ones and rotate the one of the eleven suits I have for dry cleaning. 5) I get my car washed and fueled for the week. 6) I arrive at work and attempt to work 4 billable hours, which usually requires 5-6 hours of time at work. 6) I stop at Canton's chinese restaurant for take out (Honey garlic chicken, side order of chinese broccoli, brown rice only). 7) I arrive at my apartment and eat dinner and review baseball statistics for the week- during baseball season. I also review my diary for the week, making sure my data is complete, meaning all times that I awoke are properly recorded, the weather data is correct. 8) I feed my goldfish Ernesto. 9) I change the sheets on my bed for the week and place the old sheets in the laundry basket- Sunday is my laundry day. 10) I fall asleep reading between 11pm and midnight.

    For the record, I awoke today at 7:02 am, which is the first time this year that I awoke at that exact time, although I have awoken at 7:00 precisely- which I like- eleven times, and 7:01- which bothers me greatly- six times.

    For those of you following my travails, yesterday I had another problem with the starbucks person who again asked if I wanted room for milk or cream, which required me to say no, although I pour out half the coffee because i can only drink from a cup half full. It would make life easier if Starbucks instructed their employees to inquire "is there any reason why I should not fill the cup completely?" which would cover those who want room for milk and cream as well as those like myself, who want a cup less than full for other reasons.

  10. Details DETAILS on the restraining orders please.

  11. I prefer not to discuss these incidents Suffice to say, in my family, one of them is known as the "incident during Thanksgiving" and as to the other one, I am fairly certain the terms of the settlement prohibit public discussion. Let me say that it was unintended, an accident, and I was confused and responded in a way I now see was not appropriate. Insurance covered most of the damages and I paid restitution for the rest. Moving was not fun.

  12. Godwhacker, this is a new age. We just don't talk like that anymore.

  13. @9:04

    I guess I'm behind on my sensitivity training. Would it be better if the intern bent me over the desk? Because I could totally go for that too.

  14. I support the jury verdict and GEORGE. bumper stickers available soon.

  15. I want to know about the Thanksgiving incident. Please.

  16. @9:05, I like what you named your goldfish--> Ernesto.

  17. Here comes the boom.


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