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Attention South Florida: You've Just Been Klugified!

I don't know the dwindling numbers of you that still get the dead-tree edition of the Herald delivered every morning, but us neanderthals were in for quite a suprise today -- everybody got a special Herald magazine supplement called "Indulge."

Now normally I would not pay much attention to this (now that you mention it, what happened to Red Bull magazine?) but numerous tipsters immediately alerted me to this breaking news:

Yes South Florida, this really happened.

The accompanying article is all about The Kluginator's extensive cowboy boot collection (23 pairs and counting!) and includes an anecdote about how a jury consultant once advised him that a working-class Boston jury wouldn't cotton to the boots, and so he bonded with the poor Red Sox-loving townies by buying a pair of Bruno Maglis!

There's even a reference to our crappy little blawg.

Thank you thank you thank you Miami Indulge -- you guys really know how to warm a blogger's cold dark (boot-free) heart.


  1. Are those stuffed snakes in that picture!?

  2. Where's the City Slicker's clip?

  3. The article is unbelievable!!

  4. It's still Spencer's world and we're all still just living in it. He'a just livin a lil bit larger.

  5. 5'7?? With the cowboy boots on, ok. Without them, not so much.

  6. Sorry but those boots are too gay. Why do they have to rub it in our face?

    Happy weekend all! Love and Happiness!

  7. How does a wee little man salve his insecurity ?


    Alan, you're still short pal. But we love you!

  8. This is douchetastic! Only Kluger would think the article is not humiliating.

    This douche makes miami what it is - douchetastic!

  9. why doesnt the article note the(teeny weenie) size of his feet ?

  10. why does he call his wife boring?

  11. I love that he conspicuously drops his ny residence.


  12. Same boots as Rick Perry.

  13. Happy Friday, SFL.

  14. Wait a minute! Not this Alan Kluger?

  15. Which boots are for the stuffed animals?

  16. He's laughing all the way to the bank.

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