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Deposition Rage Much? The Answer Revealed....

You know the aging male lawyer desperately trying to hold on to what's left of his fading youth?

You've seen him leering at you uncomfortably in the gym, on the elevator heading to work -- perhaps he's sitting in the office just a few doors down.

Why does this person often act like a preening idiot, calling federal judges by their first name, marching around the courtroom on Flagler like they own it, dominating conference calls and yes -- frequently acting like an unhinged jerk at a simple fact witness deposition.

We know from the Biogenesis coverage that its well-heeled clients included lawyers and at least one judge, perhaps juicing up with testosterone supplementation, HgH, DHEA, you name it.

But what of the side effects?
Testosterone in its various forms, including Androgel, can cause impulsive violent behavior and unpredictable rage and precipitate psychotic behavior and mania.

Read more here:
So it was the miracle juice accounting for that odd outburst up in New York a few weeks ago?

Ok, now I don't feel so bad.


  1. Gotta love these b-movies!

  2. Why is there a pommel horse in the town square?

  3. Love your blog and videos, but I wondered if you had any tips on hiring lawyers in Newfoundland? My husband died recently after a brain surgery and I want to sue his doctor for wrongful death.

    1. I'm glad he dropped dead you spam scum!

  4. @234 pm may be on the juice.

    not that i disagree with her rage...

  5. I wish I had something left of my fading youth. All I have are memories of what female companionship felt like before Bush beat Kerry. But I heard rumors that the right amount of testosterone will help you drive a golf ball 350 yards. That will come in handy on the weekends when I am standing on the 18th tee with a $5 Nassau pressed 100 different ways and my legs shaking like coffee beans in a grinder.

  6. I don't leer. My eyesight is too bad to see what I would be leering at.


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