This Firm Can Handle Your "Compensation Situations" With Perspicacity!

I'm endlessly fascinated by the linguistic possibilities of poorly-translated lawyer press releases, and today presents us with a true gem:
An auto accident attorney needs relevant experience in order to obtain the best result. It is important to know not only the laws and regulations for compensation situations but also how to look at what happened before the accident. Here, experience and perspicacity have a strong word to say, because accidents can be caused either by negligence, by the victim's fault or by someone else's, or it can be the result of an underlying issue that has been there long before.
So true.

When I refer these matters out the first question I ask is:  just how much perspicacity does this lawyer have?  Enough to send back a referral fee?


  1. They will get business anyway.

  2. Gonna file a bar complaint. Unless they are board certified they aint expert in dog poop.

  3. I have a strong feeling that for the person who wrote this press release, English isn't his first language.

  4. Down with Yankee imperialism! If I want my situation handled I can reach it myself.

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