Time for a Little Spiritual Hygiene?

Then head on down to Allapattah.

No, no, no. We mean to the perfume shops. The Santeria perfume shops.

Allie Conti over at New Times has this great story.

Described as a major source for Santeria botanicals, "Selene Perfumeria ... looks like an extension of the window-tinting place it abuts. Employees enter using a room-length sliding-glass door, but no such option exists for potential customers. All curious onlookers can do is watch little old ladies with gnarled hands manipulate tiny bottles, engulfed by an overpowering scent of laundry detergent. There's no way to get inside, except through a side door that's blocked by two industrial fans." Sounds like 73 West Flagler Street.

There is quite a list of bath oils to choose from, including "Law Stay Away", "7 Drops of Luck," "Discharge," "Money Drawing," and "7 African Powers." As a civil litigator, however, "Destroy Everything!" struck me as an essential part of my pre-trial, ass-kicking arsenal, to go with my little cowboy booties.

Says owner Daniel Milian regarding the effectiveness of his potions, "[T]he people who spray themselves with good luck whole-heartedly believe that they're going to be graced with good luck."

What a great sales pitch. And he promises nothing, so no deceit!

Shit, I need all the good luck I can get. Off to Allapattah...and even if I don't get lucky I'll cleanse my soul.

N.B.: If you don't feel like driving to Allapattah, Publix carries some of this stuff. Really.


  1. One of the greatest privilages of being Godwhacker is hanging with Mel Brooks, the smartest man I ever met.


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