WTF Friday! Red Hot Tears Edition

Hey everybody, did you hear the news? Obama's got a new dog!

Heads up! Eva Longoria is single again! Good news for all you single high-powered attorneys out there!

Because he was so great in Daredevil, Ben Affleck is your new Batman!

And now you know all the government approved news for the week. Everything else is fine and being handled with the greatest integrity and transparency. You can go about your business now and have a happy weekend! Remember, they hate us for our freedoms not for our war crimes!

Have you ever read China's domestic news? It's almost exactly like this, and this is what we're on the road to becoming. Orwell once said, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” With scant few exceptions public relations is all we get.

For the past weeks our Washington establishment has been desperately trying to convince the American people that the NSA spying program isn't a precursor to a police state and that we have nothing to fear. To prove this they engaged in intimidation tactics against the lover of a prominent journalist and smashed the harddrives of a major newspaper. Oh I know, these incidents happened in (not so) Great Britain but they occurred (at least) with the silent approval of our government.

It's really pretty sick what's happening. 
The NSA is engaged in extraconstitutional activities that violate the 4th Amendement, and now to hide those abuses they are targeting journalists and in doing so violating the 1st Amendment. And the walls fell down.

Acting thugishly towards whistleblowers and journalists is not a good way to prove that you have good intentions with your omnipotent spying powers. 

The lower swines of make-believe journalism are really showing their true colors too. Jeffery Toobin of CNN compared Greenwald's hunky partner David to a "drug mule". Right! Exactly the same, except computers are not drugs and journalism is not a crime. Even worse, unpicked flower and salivating lapdog journalist Michael Grunwald tweeted out that he can't wait to write the defense of the drone strike that takes out Julian Assange. There is nothing wrong with this sociopath that couldn't be resolved with a lobotomy and a feeding tube. In truth the lapdogs are as frighted by watchdog journalists as the political establishment is. What if the real journalists keep it up and people start to realize that all they do is feed us crap?

Meanwhile I have to give a Godwhacker hat tip to journalist Glenn Greenwald for calling out these despicable tactics for what they are and for refusing to be bullied. Truly, the man has balls the size of gas giants. And to Chelsea Manning for standing up for what's right, taking it like a man, and being the real lady that she is.

When our free society is saved will anyone remember that it was the gays who did the heavy lifting? R.I.P. Alan Turing.

So in addition to writing this post I'm also contacting my elected officials to let them know that I have lost faith with the NSA and I deplore these thuggish tactics. I encourage everyone else so troubled to do the same. Maybe that will make a difference.

Otherwise all I can  do is cry Red Hot Tears. Happy weedkend all, Godwhacker out.


  1. Happy Friday, SFL & Godwhacker!!

  2. Great post! Lobotomies and feeding tubes for everyone!

  3. GW a little heavy for a Friday but I understand the consternation.

    If it makes you feel any better David Gregory was on Morning Joe this morning and explained what MLK was really all about when he appeared on MTP on the eve of the March on Washington, when the city cleared and the DC establishment was expecting a full-scale "negro" riot.

    See, I knew that would make you feel better.

  4. True, it's more of a Thursday post but I was "busy" Thursday!

  5. Don't get your panties (literally speaking) in an uproar. Doubt the NSA really cares about your status of your order for the latest sex toy on the market. Just go on about your business and don't blow up an buildings and you will be just fine.

  6. @1:58

    Lucy still loves her coke and rum but she sits alone cause her daddy can't come.

  7. SFL is a Morning Joe groupie!


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