Your Tuesday Morning Digital Dump!

Well I feel like Shavuos came early with this cornucopia of fascinating art recently flooding my brain:

1.  Just received Dylan's "new" Another Self Portrait, filled with unreleased and alternate tracks from one of my favorite Dylan periods, roughly 1969-1971, covering material spanning the New Morning and Self Portrait albums.

This is rustic Dylan, relaxed happy and good-natured, his voice in good form, singing about fishing, family, the California gold rush, and meeting Elvis.

What more could you ask for?

2. The deep nuggets of history, culture and artistic expression housed by the good folks at Open Culture continue to astound -- interested in a 1937 animated film of Goethe's classic German folktale The Tale of the Fox?  Check.  Curious to learn more about Virginia Woolf's handwritten 1941 suicide note?  Check.  Want to see Donald Duck in 1967 talk about family planning?  They have that too.

(Peter Sellers reading the Beatles "She Loves You" in four arch British accents is priceless.)

Haha, now your day has been wasted too!

3.  Miami Heat players bilked:
A South Beach bling king indicted on fraud charges in Ohio was accused in a federal court of scamming several Miami Heat players and other South Florida residents out of $8 million.
Haider Zafar, 35, took money from former Heat forward Mike Miller and unnamed teammates, promising investment returns that he never delivered, according to J. Andrew Fine, a Florida lawyer who testified Thursday on behalf of some of those investors.

An attorney for the Heat confirmed that some of the organization’s current and former players and personnel got tangled up in an investment scheme, but he declined to discuss the matter further, citing an ongoing investigation.

“We were distressed to learn that the Heat and members of the Heat family were victimized by an elaborate fraud,” Heat attorney Alan H. Fein said in a statement to the Miami Herald. “We remain in constant contact with the appropriate federal authorities investigating this fraud and its perpetrators.”
 4.  From robber to prisoner to federal appellate law clerk -- get ready to be inspired:
Mr. Hopwood and his accomplices committed very serious crimes, stealing some $200,000. No one was hurt, but he and his accomplices “scared the hell out of the poor bank tellers,” Judge Kopf said at the sentencing in 1999.

Mr. Hopwood is 38 now, and married with two small children. Assuming he is granted a license to practice law notwithstanding his crimes, his future looks very bright.

“My original dream,” he told Judge Kopf, “was to become a paralegal, not law school, and definitely not a future clerk on the D.C. Circuit.”

“I feel fortunate that I have been given so many second chances, including the sentence which allowed me to be released at a fairly young age,” he said.

In all, he said, “I received a large dollop of God’s grace.” 
Well said, Mr. Hopwood!
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  1. You are The Best.

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  2. Cranky Dylan = Happy Godwacker!

  3. SFL, check out conflict motion filed against Paul Calli.

  4. Spenser Aronfeld loves blue horse shoe

  5. Has jay weaver been fired? Is the herald closing? What gives??? From jays email:

    "I will be out of the office on furlough from Monday, Aug. 19, to Friday, Aug. 23, returning to work on Monday, Aug. 26. If you need to contact my editor, please call Gail Epstein at 305-376-2036. Her email is"

  6. Rumor is , no meaningful sanctions against UM.

    GO CANES!!!!

  7. My feet hurt.

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  8. 8:24, We all do. :)

  9. My feet hurt too.

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