11th Circuit Says L'Shana Tova to Sunny Isles Beach!

Just in time for seemingly endless days of meditation, reflection on wrongs committed over the last year, and a general "accounting of the soul" -- i.e., the High Holy Days -- the 11th Circuit has decided to do a solid to the little Temple that could, Temple B'Nai Zion, which has been battling the City of Sunny Isles Beach over a disputed historic designation granted to the sanctuary.

The factual background amply demonstrates how fakakta the whole situation is:
Temple B’Nai Zion (Temple) is a Sephardic Jewish religious organization that operates an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in the City of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida (“Sunny Isles Beach” or “City”). The Temple purchased the land on which it is currently situated from the Sunny Isles Epiphany Lutheran Church in 1977. Because the building had previously housed a Christian church, the Temple made certain modifications to minimize Christian symbols on the property, including removing many of the stained-glass windows and attempting to conceal the cross-shaped design of the main sanctuary. The Temple then began operating as a Conservative Judaic house of worship, and by 1986 the congregation had grown to some 400 families.
Ok, everything I know about Lutherans I learned from Garrison Keillor -- God bless his resonant soul.

But tell me -- how do you "conceal the cross-shaped design" of a Lutheran church -- by telling congregants the temple just happens to be "T-shaped"?

Then the cross-shaped Temple turned from conservative to orthodox, apparently angering some congregants, including the current mayor of Sunny Isles Beach.

The story goes downhill from there, but evidently involves alleged vendettas, angry commission meetings, Holocaust survivors (of course) and Gary Cooper.

We'll let God (and/or Judge Williams) sort it all out.


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