3d DCA Watch -- You Just Made the List, Buddy!

Hi kids, it's that time again so let's gaze in awe and wonder at this week's carefully reasoned and skillfully expressed Bunker Excretions:

Lorillard v. Alexander:

Full affirmance of massive post-Engle tobacco jury verdict, tried before Judge Lopez:
Because we find Lorillard’s multiple arguments on appeal without merit; the remitted compensatory damages award in the amount of $10 million and the punitive damages award in the amount of $25 million are neither excessive nor unconstitutional; and the compensatory and punitive damages awards are supported by the manifest weight of the evidence, we affirm.

Not much else to report, civil-wise.

Also, to paraphrase The Captain, here is your next 3d DCA bunker dweller:
1. The Honorable Jorge E. Cueto
2. John A. Greco, Esquire
3. The Honorable Fleur J. Lobree
4. The Honorable Jose M. Rodriguez
5. Eduardo I. Sanchez, Esquire
6. Edwin A. Scales, III, Esquire
This is a good list -- LOL YOLO ROTFLMFAO 3d DCA JNC!

(rough translation:  well-done!)


  1. Judge Jose M. Rodriguez is a good guy but does not have the demeanor for an appellate court. When he was in the CBL, many litigants felt that he was not up to the task. As for the cottage legal industry that Lombana et al developed before that Court while he presided over it . . . well, that's a discussion for another post I suppose. Scales and Sanchez seem like the better bets for this opening.

  2. Lobree should get it

  3. Agree on Lombana.

  4. Hector has never tried a jury trial. He claim to fame is carrying the briefcase of Victor Womak.

  5. Cueto or Scales will get it


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