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A Jew, Pope Benedict XVI and Judge Will Thomas Walk into Marco Rubio's Office ....

I kid, I kid!

It feels like a pressure cooker in this town and I thought adding a little religion into the dialogue might release some tension.

How about a movie, to clear the head?

(My wife refuses to see the film.)

But then I came across this article in The Florida Bar News on the film "Gideon's Army" featuring Naples Assistant Public Defender Brandy Alexander. The subject matter is best covered by Rumpole but I thought it was really cool that the film is the winner of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival’s editing award for a U.S. documentary, as well as winning both the Knight Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award (non-fiction) at the 2013 Miami International Film Festival. It debuted on HBO in July (I don't get out much....) Naples is kind of South Florida, sort of like Rhode Island is part of New England, so we wanted to recognize Ms. Alexander.

N.B.: What does Benedict mean exactly when he denies "personal responsibility" for the Catholic Church's sex scandal?


  1. Rubio will never, ever be president. Or Vice President. Mayor of Hialeah. Maybe.

  2. Benedict means that he had his pants on while the others were diddling the kiddies in the rect-ory.

    In today's day and age, he would have been the one with the camera, or the one who supplied the drugs / porn / lube.

  3. To continue the joke- all of them die and as they go to heaven the pope is admitted and given a small drab room. So is Will Thomas. But Rubio is given a huge party and a parade and a palace all for his own use. The Pope complains to St Peter and asks why Rubio is given such honors. St Peter responds that they have dozens of popes and thousands of judges in heaven but this is the first senator who has made it in.

  4. Well played, Sir.


  5. A homophobe, a pedophile, a hypocrite and a Nazi walk into a bar. The bartender asks: What can I get you Pope Benedict?


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