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A New Year, A New Celebrity Chef Lawsuit: Hand-Pulled Noodle Redux?

We've written at length about celebrity South Beach chefs fighting over ancient Chinese hand-pulled noodle secrets.

Now, thanks to a friendly tipster who I assure you has never ever tweeted from a nearby Starbucks (he does it from a courtroom!)

 comes this:
One of South Florida's hottest restaurant companies is suing a prominent former chef, alleging deceit, betrayal, and incompetence. In a steamy lawsuit filed this past Tuesday that reads like an epic novel, 50 Eggs Restaurant Company LLC alleges Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, known to most Miami restaurantgoers as Chef Bee, "would break out in hives if he had to cook" and "did not know how to run a professional kitchen."
The Herald subsequently picked up on the excellent New Times story and added this really fantastic quote from Akerman's top-notch Larry Silverman:
Chef Bee wasn’t available to comment. But his attorney, Lawrence Silverman, called the lawsuit “astounding” and said it amounts to a claim that Thai food “was invented on South Beach in the fall of 2012.”
Hey, don't laugh -- a lot of weird things have happened on the beach.

Seriously, though, this case has great potential -- can someone pass along the pleadings?

For example, here is one of the opening paragraphs of the complaint:
A principle of Thai Buddhist culture is to refrain from untrue speech. This lawsuit, unfortunately, is about Chef Bee's untrue speech. 50 Eggs hired Chef Bee because Chef Bee said he and his family were going to have to close down their family-owned restaurant and needed help. 50 Eggs hired Chef Bee because Chef Bee said he knew how to cook authentic northern Thai dishes. In agreeing to hire Chef Bee, 50 Eggs believed Chef Bee's promise that he would protect 50 Eggs's confidential and proprietary information, would not solicit employees, and would not engage in a competing business. What Chef Bee said and promised were untrue. He manipulated a friendship to betray a trust so that he, Oishi Thai, and his investors would see personal gain.
"Your honor, Count I is a simple and straightforward claim for Breach of Thai Buddhist Culture.  My client seeks a return of his positive karma plus all Dhamma points earned...."

Is there anything that could make this case better?

Anything at all that could make this an even more interesting case to follow?

Read more here:
(A blawger can dream.)


  1. Awesome post & Luv the restaurant name. If he didn't know how to run a professional restaurant, perhaps Chef Ramsay could have helped out?

    Happy Friday, SFL!!

  2. Tremendous run this week SFL.

  3. Agree with @12:32 pm.

    Although candidly I hope that SFL's refractory period before his next tremendous run is shorter.


  4. strong strong effort. the claim for relief gets a standing ovation.

  5. Thanks folks, really appreciate it.

    GB -- I'm trying to stay all natural so the recovery time ain't what it used to be.

  6. That boot picture will never get old!!

  7. Rookie - no boot pulls. You can't be a high fashion boot guy without a pair.

  8. If you look closely there is a crumpled up MM's wrapper in BT's jacket pocket.

  9. Where is the eye candy?

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