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I'm Still Mad Over Marco Rubio and Judge Thomas!

My ire over the dishonorable way in which Marco Rubio has treated Judge Thomas continues unabated.

And I see I'm not alone.

Here's a great take by the incomparable GoD:
Don't kid yourself, this is all about Judge Thomas being gay. I guess it was bad enough he was black, it left Rubio's head spinning. Both Senators from Florida had to approve this appointment. Rubio is such a tool. 
This seems like a big sloppy wet kiss pander to the social neanderthals who currently hold the GOP hostage.

Let's be real about Marco Rubio -- he is our Paul Ryan. 

A middling attorney turned middling legislator, he has been on the government dole for decades as he rails against those on the government dole yet he has produced nothing of substance or value.

He fails upward due to the prevailing winds and thinks he can fly.

Compare this empty suit to someone like Jeb Bush.



For more ire see Fred Grimm's excellent column today and this NYT piece which points out that we are again the laughing stock of the nation.

If you are interested there is a petition here you can sign that calls for Rubio to issue the darn pink blue slip.

Sheesh this is embarrassing!


  1. It's nice to see this issue picking up some steam. I hope the increased coverage means a quicker end to this nonsense.

  2. A lot of people are upset about this. And they should be. But attributing this to Thomas's being gay strikes me as speculative or premature; attributing this to his being black is just mistaken.

    Regarding the latter: President Obama has nominated black judges to the federal bench in Florida. Rubio has returned blue slips for them -- the most recent being just last week with Brian Davis. Given these facts, the charge of racism seems mistaken.

    Regarding the former: the JNC just put forth Darrin Gayles as a finalist. He's an openly gay black man. If President Obama nominates him, and if Rubio returns a blue slip for him, all the charges about homophobia will also be undercut.

    The letters written by prosecutors and judges to Rubio explaining the Traverso sentence are spot on because they seek to address the concerns that Rubio himself has put forward. But charges of racism and homophobia, though they may exert pressure on Rubio, seem simply mistaken or conjectural to me.

  3. @ 10:18 submits a thoughtful comment with which I disagree, but it is an invitation to a respectful debate on an important issue. So have at it, following his/her example.


  4. here's what I don't understand -- why doesn't the dem-controlled judiciary committee go ahead and recommend thomas to the senate anyway? they don't need Rubio's permission. The GOP has proven itself to be the party of obstructionist whack-jobs. It is high time the democrats grew a set of balls.

  5. i know marco. he's not a homphobe. but he certainly is a panderer and major league kiss-ass. and certainly has to throw red meat to his tea party patrons. he's got a quota. for every nig or fag you throw at me i gotta get two whiteys confirmed.

  6. the failure to nominate is Leahy's fault. See link:

  7. I'm a lifelong Dem and am not a fan of Rubio. This has nothing to do with the judge being gay.

  8. @11:21

    It might help if you click your ruby slippers together when you repeat your claim.

  9. The entire Republican Party is in the process of a slow assisted suicide right now. Part of me is watching with absolute glee. But my Vulcan half understands that we need at least two strong, sane parties in this country and right now we're hurting because we don't have that.

    Regardless, until imbeciles like Rubio, Palin, Cruz and friends are put in their place it will be a cold day in hell that I vote Republican.

  10. @10:39

    Sorry, but you don't get to say "he's not a homophobe" AND then have him go on to pursue and advocate policies that are discriminatory to gays.

    You just don't.

    OK, maybe he's not "afraid" of gays. Maybe he's just an @$$hole.

    Either way the cognitive dissonance ends here.

  11. "Gay panic" in the 21st Century seems as archaic as being afraid of a thunderstorm because the Sky Gods are angry.

    So I'll give Rubio the benefit of the doubt on that.

    As for those he seeks to curry favor with in 2016 by besmirching Thomas' judicial record and temperament today, I'm not so willing.

  12. Who's kidding who? The NYT says:

    "Mr. Rubio’s opposition was rooted in politics, not court rulings."

    For a long time now, life-time federal judges have been legislating from the bench with abandon. Also, the NYT, with foot-in-mouth, repeatedly advances their own politics by its continual explicit and implicit criticism of court rulings and judges that do not fit its own political mold, through its "unbiased" reporting .

    It is disingenuous to claim opposition is because of the "gay" issue. Even raising that argument speaks volumes about the proponents of that view's own political agenda.

    It makes perfect sense to object to a life time legislator (a federal judge) based on his/her rulings and it is a silly straw man argument to, out of the blue, claim "homophobia" as the reason for rejection.

  13. The NYT article has an interesting section:

    "The Congressional Black Caucus has been critical of Republicans in Congress who are holding up judicial nominations, including for a number of black judges. The group said that out of 787 federal positions, only 95 are held by black judges"

    My math works out to about 12%. Yet US blacks are only 13.6% of the population and have a lower average age rate and, unfortunately, well documented eligibility problems. So the 12% is certainly in line and no sign of racism, but instead, the opposite.

  14. Attacking judicial temperament here is a total red herring. That leads to speculation about ulterior motives.

  15. In case any of you who assume Rubio is holding up Thomas because he is gay, check the vote today on the nominee for the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, who is also gay. Rubio voted Yea.

  16. I love that Rubio's little bag boys and girls read this blog and comment on it. Only such a minion would have that information.

    Note to minion: the vote is another rubio contrived calculated effort to head off what this blog started as a dialogue that Rubio is a bigot.

    QUICK MARCO ! FIND A GAY GUY AND VOTE FOR HIM ! You're losing points!

  17. Thank you all for signing the petition and please continue to circulate it to everyone you know and ask them to circulate it..the issue is simply allowing the process to continue...remember he was ALREADY vetted and interviewed by the Senator and NOMINATED....thank you

  18. Judge Thomas is an incompetent fool. He landlocked my property, silenced orders of higher courts. A fraud.
    You want facts. Read my published transcripts. Google miami judicial corruption.


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