Marco Rubio: Cash is King!

Blue slips, schmoo slips: Marco has important business to tend to - kissing the asses of lobbyist-fundraisers and others seeking access and favors, for money. He likely will never be President, but he is presently one of the most prolific fundraisers in the country.

The Herald cuts and pastes the Tampa Bay Times article here.

Today, Little Boy Blue is charging an admission price of $500 to $10,000 for some meet and greet at Hill Country BBQ in DC. He is on a tear. In the second quarter that just ended, Rubio raised $3 million up from the $2.28 million he raised in the first three months of the year.

His donor list? Google, Microsoft, SpaceX, American Bankers Association, Goldman Sachs, Northrop Grunman, AT & T, FPL, Abbott Laboratories and, if his summer vacation to Vegas bears fruit, Sheldon Adelson.

So stop being self-centered and complaining about Marco's obstruction of the judicial appointment process, the resultant backlog of cases in the Southern District of Florida, and the attendant delay in access to Justice. He is busy. And after all, have you cut a check?

N.B: Can you imagine this clown actually being in contention for President? If he is the "savior of the Republican Party," the Republican party is f*&ked.


  1. Rubio is Sarah Palin, con cojones más pequeños.

  2. empty suit with pockets filled with corporate cash

  3. Sorry GW - Rubio is sin cojones. SP's chucha would swallow him alive.

    Rubio is a tool.

  4. Little Boy Blue !

    That might stick.

  5. Notice, I didn't say how small.


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