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Marco Rubio: The Mafia Inspires Me!

Republican or Democrat, I don't care. It doesn't matter to me. But you're going to vote for this guy for president?

Of the United States?


In other news, Tannebaum is bound to get angry. And some new clients.

From the DBR:

The Bar [has implemented] new social media rules... considered the most stringent in the country by many law firms.

The rules are part of The Bar's latest overhaul of attorney advertising rules, which were approved by the Florida Supreme Court in May. While rules for billboards, television and radio commercials and publications have garnered the most attention, rules about how attorneys can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now coming to light — and generating controversy among lawyers.

The Bar defends the social media rules, saying lawyers must comply with ethical guidelines whether their advertising is on Facebook, billboards or TV. The guidelines warn attorneys to refrain from testimonials, holding themselves out as experts and posting inappropriate and unprofessional photos or videos on Facebook.

Lawyers and law firms are expressing frustration with the new social media restrictions, saying they are difficult to interpret and overly stringent. Of particular concern are rules requiring law firms to state an office location on each tweet and barring lawyers from allowing third-party endorsements or listing their expertise on LinkedIn.

Says Orlando attorney Luis Gonzalez, "I'm not changing a damn thing," he said. "I want The Bar to come after me. I'm 61 years old, and I'm not going to tolerate garbage like that."

I'm with you, Luis! To hell with complying with ethical guidelines. I too want to share my testimonial. And who is the Bar to tell me that I can't hold myself out as say, a civil rights expert, based on the fact that I give a buck to that homeless dude outside Starbucks every morning! And if I want to post pictures of my johnson after a few shots of Cuervo Gold or send some random sextmessages to a married government prosecutor, don't tread on me!

Can someone please explain twitter to me?

Finally, look at this! Someone said something nice about South Florida!

Miami's unfortunate reputation for botched plastic surgery, drug violence, and late night debauchery obscures the fact that the city and its residents also enjoy some pretty stellar health and wellness perks.

N.B.: Marco - do yourself a favor: don't reference Fredo. Ever. You're just begging to be known forevermore as Fredo Rubio.


  1. Wow! Micky is hot! SFL - can you obsess over her for a week or so?

  2. What happened to SFL? The inmates have taken over the asylum!

  3. This sick liberal blog beating up on poor, poor Marco Rubio. Love it!

  4. You're too kind.


  5. GB has got it going on

  6. Hilarious that Pacenti wrote a front page story on this and failed to mention your blog!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this page. It was very informative. Weston lawyer


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