Marco Rubio Supports Homosexuals

Or at least that is what someone apparently really, really close to Rubio or who really, really supports him would have you believe. Someone apparently who knows how Rubio votes in an almost real-time basis and is happy to disseminate the information in an apparent effort to stem the tide of national dialogue that Rubio is obstructing the judicial confirmation process based on his well-documented "views" on homosexuality.

Don't believe me? Maybe I'm wrong but check this out.

This morning while I drank my Irish coffee and read the comments to yesterday's post by SouthFloridaLawyers regarding Rubio and Judge Thomas this jumped out:

Anonymous said...
In case any of you who assume Rubio is holding up Thomas because he is gay, check the vote today on the nominee for the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, who is also gay. Rubio voted Yea.

September 24, 2013 at 9:50 PM

How strange. Who among us knew there was a vote yesterday? For the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Which handles limited subject matter such as patents, trademarks, veterans benefits, and public safety officers' benefit claims. Or where to determine the vote of each member of the Senate the day it voted? Who among us describes a vote as "yea?" Raise your hand.

Turns out the vote was 98-0. For a former Deputy Director from the Justice Department. Kind of a no-lose vote for Rubio, eh? On a court that no one knows exists, certainly not the tea bag constituents to whom Rubio must pander, and where the homosexual judge can't rule on cases effecting basic human rights that effect us all.

But I think this will matter to the tea baggers, when they learn of it.

So hey all you tea baggers, if you support Rubio for President and you are opposed to a candidate who supports homosexuals, ask Rubio: did you vote for a homesexual to be one step from the Supreme Court?

Three years ago I saw a play by Miami's own Zoetic Stage, called "When the Sun Shone Brighter." Tell me this is not eerie...


  1. Marco Rubio is more disgusting and low than the dog shit I scraped off my shoe.

  2. Once upon a time there was an interesting, humorous blog that covered legal developments in South Florida.

  3. The Southern District of Florida is a Federal Court located in South Florida. Will Thomas is a state court judge in Miami . Miami is in South Florida. The President has nominated Thomas to a federal seat on the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. South Florida's senator is obstructing the legal process. This is a legal development in South Florida.

  4. This blog is funny and smart and on-topic.

  5. 9:53 -- idiotic points don't help your cause

  6. When is saw that the vote was unanimous @ 98-0 i was shocked...thought Rubio hadn't voted. Imagine my shock when i found out he did. He's the biggest hypocrite of them all.

  7. A calculated political move. Transparent and despicable.

  8. @9:53, it still is.

    The SFL blog rocks.

    SFL's No. 1 Fan.

  9. Hey, if someone wants to invite in a "guest" and thus overnight transform what was once a funny, informative place into just another shrill, leftist, homosexuality-obsessed website, I guess that's his prerogative.

  10. You forgot Jew-boy after homosexual.

    I love modern day conservatives. So predictable. Take them out of their comfort zone by trying to engage them in an intellectually honest , fact driven debate, and they resort to temper tantrums and name calling. No one should get uppity with you, right?

  11. Pretty sure the dialogue is on Rubio's hypocrisy and the issue could be anything but happens to be homosexuality .

  12. For what it's worth, the news about the openly gay judge who was confirmed to sit on the Federal Circuit was on How Appealing, a blog that many, many people read, including, according, I think, to a NYT article, Justice Kagan. So it's not that outlandish for someone to have learned about that vote and to have mentioned it here. True, it's not conclusive proof that Rubio supports homosexuals. But it's hardly suggestive that he has anything against homosexuals, either.

  13. Do I think Marco personally dislikes blacks or gays? No; he's a 41-year old well educated Cuban guy from Miami. Do I think Marco would stick a knife in the back of a black or gay simply to please his teabagistan base? Fuck yes.

  14. @ 1:15 pm - "live by the sword, die by the sword."

    So, have at him guestblogger. What's good for the goose...

  15. @12:17

    If you were half the man I am or one quarter the lady...


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