Miami Go Go! America's Riviera!

Here we go again. The City of Miami filed to modify the consent decree in the 1988 Pottinger v. Miami case, which the Herald reports has been recognized six times nationally as a model for dealing with homelessness. The posturing has already started. County Mayor Carlos Gimenez said "It's actually a moral issue. No one should be sleeping in the streets of Miami." Miami-Dade Homeless Trust Chairman and power broker Ron Book countered, "These people are not going to drive a truck over and through a community plan to end homelessness....I call it the [Marc] Sarnoff arrest and release plan..." I see years of costly litigation. Regardless of your position on this issue, there has to be cooperation. Only a joint effort will result in a workable solution.

In other news, Glenn Garvin is pissed.

Rick Scott has cancelled his $25,000 per head private alligator hunt. Read about it in the Huffington Post here.

This sucks.

N.B.: I'm going back to bed.


  1. what model to deal with homelessness? The current model is simply to ignore the problem and let people fester uncontrolled on the streets. Most people would agree that model sucks.


  3. love that commercial - just goes to show that nothing new is going on on South Beach

  4. Thats the worst fucking song ive ever heard.

  5. And here I liked the idea of Rick Scott being surrounded by cold blooded, carnivorous reptiles. How could you tell them apart?


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