Pinecrest Smackdown! Weiss Serota Over Gray Rob!

Ah, the thrill of courtship and adrenaline of conquest.

In legal news, congrats to our friends Mitchell Bierman and Chad Friedman and the Weiss Serota (and all the other names) firm which continues to garner the attention of antitrust regulators win new municipal business by adding Pinecrest to the growing list of municipalities it represents as Village Attorney and Deputy Village Attorney. Cutler Bay, Pinecrest, Homestead, Aventura, Key Biscayne, to name a few. Impressive. Most impressive.

Weiss Serota was competing with the Extremely (Central and North) Floridian Gray Rob which sent a partner from its Palatka Boca office to interview. (Note to Gray Rob: Pinecrest is no Boca yet.)

This is a tough engagement because for every person in Pinecrest there are two lawyers. Lots of cooks to spoil the soup. Heck, the village manager, village clerk, planning director, and two Pinecrest residents who selected Weiss Serota are attorneys. The Herald has the story here.

“We are thrilled and honored to have been nominated,” said Bierman. “It is a homecoming of sorts for me because I fled Florida for my undergraduate and law school education and my colleague Chad Friedman, because we both grew up around there and went to Palmetto High School and Temple Beth Am. We could not be happier.”

"We could not do better than Weiss Serota,” cooed said Vice Mayor Jeff Cutler who is prone to hyperbole.

We'll remind you all of that sappy, first-date, love-fest talk when the shit hits the fan in a few years over some land use litigation. Isn't it about time for more original Parrot Jungle litigation?

In the meantime, congrats. This seems like a good fit.

N.B.: You can have your college football, your US Open, your October baseball. The Beth Am girls basketball season is about to get underway and if its cutthroat fandom you want, get yourself to a game. They're going to need security soon to separate the mommies.


  1. Too bad you got passed over Guest Blogger.

  2. Nice.

    Love the mad men pitch.

  3. Ain't that the truth about them rabid mommies at Beth Am - like Tigers hearing white noise.

  4. Nice post GB, but I've got to teach you how to correctly size YouTube videos to the site.

    When finalizing a post click on the html formatting option and look for the link code of the video and make sure the width is set at a pixel width of "420". Larger sizes will cause that annoying overflow.

    Now if only there was a good way to remember 420.

  5. GW,

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  6. "Larger sizes will cause that annoying overflow."

    It's always about sex with you two.

  7. It's always about sex with everyone.I'm just comfortable admitting it!

    May the Schwartz be with you!

  8. But in my own defense, my comment was about drugs too. Now all I need is a rock and roll reference!

  9. I love reading your blog! I especially love the clips you add to each post :) but I was wondering if you knew of any Barrie lawyers that would be able to help me in a divorce?


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