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SEC Charges PIP Lawyer in Alleged Investment Scheme!

In the PIP world Bernie Butts is a big deal, a very successful attorney who has made a long career from beating up insurance companies in PIP litigation.

But the SEC says he was busy in other ways too:
The Securities and Exchange Commission says it has obtained an emergency court order to halt a scheme by a Miami attorney and some collaborators who promised exorbitant returns from a program based on the trading of bank instruments.

In a complaint unsealed Sept 6 in U.S. District Court the SEC alleges that Bernard H. Butts, Jr.; Fotios Geievelis Jr. (also known as Frank Anastasio); Worldwide Funding III Limited LLC; Douglas J. Anisky; Sidney Banner, Express Commercial Capital LLC; and James Baggs raised over $3.5 million from approximately 45 investors in both the United States and abroad.
You can read the whole complaint here.

The Florida Bar is also investigating Mr. Butts.


Grow up, people!


  1. I like big butts and I cannot lie!

  2. With a name like Smuckers, it's got to be good.

    With a name like Butts, it's got to be....

    PS- why can g-dwacker leer lasciviously on this blog but I can no longer post when I bang 22 yr old law school interns on Rumpole's blog? I have this yoga instructor/FIU hottie all lined up for this weekend. Talk about your downward dog....

  3. @ A Man in Full

    I try to behave myself. You should see my edits.

  4. 3.5 million ? In Miami? zzzzzzzzz.............


  5. I dunno about your choice to go with the Sir Mix-A-Lot video, SFL. I'm sure a lot of your loyal readers can more easily see you in a lounge somewhere off Brickell, sipping your Gin Gibson and grooving to the Richard Cheese version of the song:

  6. Give me that funky, chunky, monkey!

  7. loose in the caboose!

  8. A guy named butts is gonna do well in the slammer

  9. All I can think about is Bart Simpson who's always pranking Moe.

    Moe: Hello, Moe's Tavern. Birthplace of the Rob Roy.

    Bart: Is Seymour there? Last name Butz.

    Moe: Just a sec. Hey, is there a Butz here? Seymour Butz? Hey, everybody! I wanna Seymour Butz!

    Happy Friday, SFL.

  10. Bernie Butts I hope that your celly makes you invest in a jar of anal lube!!!!!

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