Somebody Sued Emilio Estefan!

Hmm, this is a pro se pleading in which the following was alleged:
Jacobs argues that, in 1999, he entered into an implied contract with Estefan Enterprises, Inc. (“Estefan, Inc.”). Estefan, Inc. allegedly breached the contract in 2005 or 2006. On August 12, 2011, Jacobs filed his complaint against Estefan Inc. for (1) breach of implied contract; (2) promissory estoppel; (3) detrimental reliance; (4) pain and suffering; and (5) out-of-pocket expenses.
Ok legal wizards, what jumps out at you on those alleged facts?


  1. motion to dismiss for being a dumbass?

  2. 2005, 2006?

    Why not go back to the dark ages?

  3. I believe he was struck by incoming sound waves from large speakers and wads of cash flying over his head, some just errant enough to brush his hair - impact rule schimpak rule - mtd denied.

  4. Perhaps "Bad Boy" came on the TV and he was well within the "Zone of Danger"!

  5. Is that SA in at :46? In the bowler hat?

  6. As far as I can read, it all seems legitimate.
    SOMEBODY sued Emilio Estefan?
    Give the guy some respect, he is a Veteran.
    To go at this monumental task, pro-se no less is nothing short of amazing.
    But, why is Estefan so quiet?
    Why hasn't he made a comment about this matter, any comment?
    Maybe he should have or could have prevented the lawsuit and the negative that comes from being sued, by a VETERAN by treating the guy like a human being and asking him if there was anything he could do to help fix the problem.
    Instead, Estefan "sics" his lawyers on the guy.
    When have you ever heard of a pro-se litigant presenting his case against someone rich and famous, giving a very good account of himself?

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  8. This guy should ask the court for a hearing.
    Force Estefan and his lawyers into court.
    This way the media gets involved and, if he has everything in order, he can make all his evidence and the facts public.
    People with money always get away with things that us average people could not.
    Cross examine Emilio Estefan, get to the truth, and make him and his company "pony up" and make things right.
    A little humility works wonders for money, power, and HUGE egos of which Emilio Estefan proably has a VERY HUGE ego.

  9. Emilio Estefan:
    I happen to be a Veteran and find your company's actions to be an insault to every memeber of the Armed Forces.
    I believe Veteran Jacobs had just cause to sue your company.
    There are two sides to a story, but you have not given yours.
    I would sure love to hear what you have to say about this.
    I find the actions of your company repulsive.
    And to those employed by your company who are also named as defendants what they all did was wrong, unprofessional, and llegal.

  10. The Estefan's are "thugs".
    They plagiarize, and get away with it because, well they can get away with it.
    Those in the "know" in the South Florida and Miami area can attest to this.
    The Estefan's think they own people and can do as they please.
    Somebody in the media should get Emilio Estefan on camera and question him about this lawsuit.
    Ask tough questions, get to the bottom of why he is being sued by a veteran.
    And why has this guy pushed the "great" Emilio Estefan and his company without the benefit of a lawyer.
    Hardly any interest from the media, why?
    Why don't you guys at South Florida Lawyers offer pro bono counsel?
    Wouldn't it be funny :--) if this got to a jury trial, and the guy wins?

  11. What kind of slob would drag a Veteran through the courts for years knowing that his
    company screwed someone
    that fought for him?

    Emilio Estefan that's who.
    How does the court system all the way up to the Supreme level turn a blind eye to this travesty of justice?
    Why was Jacobs not given a chance to argue his case in front of a judge?
    Estefan with his name, money, and Glorias rep

  12. I'm not taking sides here.
    Just my thoughts.
    Maybe he should have contacted Estefan and been as polite and professional as possible.
    No ass kissin, just handled differently.
    I can't see how Emilio Estefan can be as bad of a person as some people make him out to be.
    Another approach may have helped.
    You get more with sugar than with salt.
    Estefan does a lot of good things too.
    I just think this guy pissed Estefan off, and the lawyers took over.

  13. As a former neighbor I know Jacobs very well.
    Everyone in the neighborhood liked and respected him.
    Always out to lend the elderly neighbors a helping hand even though he had a physical handicap.
    He even set up a swimming pool in his back yard several years ago and allow anyone to go cool off.
    His next door neighbors had a cousin who they kept telling Jacobs was under Estefan recording label.
    One day several summers ago the cousin came to visit from Florida.
    She was a singer with the Estefan company Jacobs next door friends were telling the truth.
    After intro's the female singer cooled off in Jacob's swimming pool.
    The neighbors even told her that Jacobs had allowed them to use his electricity when their own had been shut off for a month.
    Jacobs later told me that the singer wished him well with the idea he had been presenting to Emilio Estefan, and that she would say "hello" to Emilio Estefan from Jacobs.
    Jacobs made many, many trips to Miami, Florida to meet with reps of the Estefan company that according to Jacobs were setting up a meeting with Estefan himself who was looking forward to meeting Jacobs.
    How do I know?
    Jacobs asked me to get his mail and look out for his elderly mom when he left.
    As the years passed Jacobs would tell me that it was taking long to get the contract because Estefan would be out of town when he was asked to come to his office and that he should just do as told that he would soon meet Estefan.
    Sadly, this poor guy was never given the opportunity and after one trip I witnessed an ambulance take his mother to the hospital.
    Sadly, Jacobs mom passed on within days and he would go on to later tell me that the Estefan company lied, that he thought it was fraud and that every attempt to get answers from Estefan himself were met with claims of ignorance and denial by the Estefan company.
    It was so sad to see on a daily basis a good, caring, and decent neighbor having to deal with the loss of his mother and the realization that he put his complete trust and faith in a bunch of con artists who didn't have the decency to give a former member of the military the time of day.
    And to make him have to go through the system to try and get due justice and put this poor guy through years of this is incomprehensible.
    I told Jacobs many years ago that if he ever needed a credible witness I would be more than happy to foot my own expense to Florida if it would help.
    Jacobs choose to as he told me "do it all by myself, I'm telling the truth, and I have proof".
    The truth nor the proof helped Jacobs.


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