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When Worlds Collide: Tannebaum vs. Aronfeld Bagel Breakfast Showdown!

Somebody better get a camera....

Let me try again.

Somebody who knows how to work a camera better get down to the Hotel Urbano this Friday, September 13th, for a special pre-Kol Nidre social media showdown:
Attorney Breakfast Club is having a breakfast in honor of the opening of the 2nd new chapter of ABC in Miami Dade.


Brian L. Tannebaum, Managing Partner Tannebaum Weiss, P.L.


The Florida Bar Grievance Process and New Advertising Rules
My eyes literally boggled when I read this.

 I'm expecting live tweeting during this informative session (perhaps even from Brian himself)

See you all Friday!

(Some days this blawg just writes itself....)


  1. Tannebaum & Weiss? Never heard of them.

  2. Shook Hardy-Guy Lewis-Nevin Shapiro, . . . . . . that's the story that writes itself.

  3. I read that like dresnick the bar exonerated Lewis and now has Jose Herrera and a lawyer named roman under investigation .

  4. Well I heard that New Jersey is going to make their careers by indicting a former Florida federal prosecutor on RICO.


    And there’s Jose Herrera, the part-time city attorney for the Miami suburb of Virginia Gardens.

    The Florida Ethics Commission last week decided to give up on collecting about $160,000 in fines levied against public officials who did not turn in financial disclosure forms, or gave erroneous information on them.

    The Miami Herald reported that the commission would at least continue to go after 15 scofflaws who owe $15,000.

    And there’s Jose Herrera, the part-time city attorney for the Miami suburb of Virginia Gardens.

    Herrera, one of the 15 still being pursued by the commission, told The Herald that he hadn’t thought he owed the $1,500. And then he said that when he eventually tried to settle it, the commission never responded.

    In an attempt to finally pressure him to pay, the commission reported Herrera to a credit bureau.

    And now, rather than just paying the fine, Herrera says he will sue if the commission tries to force him to pay.

  6. Heard the Feds are continuing with the pizzi bribe case and that Virginia Gardens is next - including the attorney there.

  7. I used to be a blog superstar....then I got smacked down.

  8. Aronfeld Publishing Company Worldwide LLCSeptember 11, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    What do you guys think... is Aronfeld better behind the camera or in front of it?

  9. If anyone is interested in attending the event it is entirely free. ABC would love to have you. This should prove to be a great new chapter and excellent networking opportunity for everyone who attends.

    Follow the link in the post to see the details and RSVP.

    Thank you to SFL for posting.

  10. Tannebaum and Aronfeld rocked it this morning. Great meeting.


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