3d DCA Watch -- File Your Attorney's Fee Motion on Time!

Hi kids, this week the bunker gets nostalgic, and then wades in yet again into the deadline to file a motion for attorney's fees.

Let's peek in:

Summer Jai Alai Partners v. Dept. of Business:

Oh jai alai!  Greyhound racing!

These were bedrock industries in sunny South Florida many moons ago, now relegated to a place where you can see Tiffany perform and watch a sexy pixelated robot deal you electronic blackjack cards.

The times they are a changing, indeed.

ASAP Services v. S A Florida International:

How many times does the 3d need to clarify the rule for filing attorney's fees motions?

Here they go again:
The issue presented in this appeal is whether a pending post-judgment motion to set aside a final default judgment tolls the thirty-day time requirement for serving a motion for attorney’s fees and costs under Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.525. As we conclude that the time requirement is not tolled, we affirm the order denying ASAP Services, LLC’s motion for attorneys’ fees and costs.
Basically assume nothing tolls it and just file the darn motion, ok?


  1. Stop with that! I feel like we just missed the last S Bus!

  2. That's what we do in criminal court.

  3. Whenever Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A. loses an appeal, an angel gets its wings.

  4. We lose appeals all the time and we do not care. we will appeal everything. I hope all angels get their wings clipped.


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