3d DCA Watch -- Haunted Bunker Edition!

Of course we've all heard the legend of the Bunker Poltergeist and his mischievous pranks over the years-- coating the official 3d DCA thighmaster with superglue, slipping mustard underneath Judge Schwartz' gavel, adding milk of magnesia to the Bunker coffee, the list goes on and on. 

Well he must have been hard at work lately, because there is only one civil opinion (and only three total) this week.

It's actually an interesting case about a garnishment where the bank attempted to garnish wages of a Baptist Hospital employee, but she claims she took a vow of poverty and gives all her wages to a religious order.

Judge Shepherd says too bad, the Order itself needs to assert an interest in the wages so garnish away.

Is this the type of religious liberty case that could make its way to the Supremes?

Happy All Hallow's Eve everybody!


  1. And a Happy All Hallow's Eve to you, SFL.

    PS. Boo. :)


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