3d DCA Watch -- Welcome, New Guy!

There's Key West energy in the bunker with the addition of Conch Republic's very own Eddie Scales III:
On October 18, 2013 Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Edwin A. Scales, III to the Third District Court of Appeal.  Mr. Scales will fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Angel A. CortiƱas.  Mr. Scales is the first Monroe County lawyer appointed to the Third District Court of Appeal bench since its creation in 1957.
Wow, first Concher since 1957?

I think I may know why:

'Nuff said!

Let's get right to the written utterances:

Vives v. Wells Fargo:

Judges Shepherd and Rothenberg disagree as to the attorney's fee reciprocity rule under 57.105 as applied to a promissory note/mortgage where the borrower prevailed.

Can you guess which judge was on which side of this issue?

Wade v. Wade:

You may have heard the name before.

Pretty stern opinion, actually.

And there's another Wade v. Wade order as well.

Here is the ex-wife's attorney Lisa Macci on the rulings:
What’s more, the appeals court also ordered the judge on the case, Antonio Marin, removed for his siding with Wade and denying Funches “the most basic right of due process.”
Funches’ Florida lawyer, Lisa Macci, saluted the appeals court’s decisions. She’s claimed that Marin was more star-struck than impartial.

“We’re getting a new judge and the order that Siohvaughn undergo a psychological evaluation is no more,” Macci said. “Justice prevailed. I’m just happy the appeals court was not swayed by (Wade’s) celebrity status as law should not be.”
That is as it should always be.


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