Charlie Crist Syndrome

There is a new disease sweeping the nation, and by the power invested in me as Godwhacker I’m calling it “Charlie Crist Syndrome.” Some say this disease is just a happenstance of nature, but I say it’s just God’s judgment on Republicans for being intolerant toads, anti-gay closeted homosexuals, and ruinous religious zealots. Symptoms of the disease include logic, compassion, tolerance and the sudden realization that you belong to the political party that serves as the last refuge for suicidal segregationist and sexually inadequate Civil War reenactors. 

Besides, America already has a pro-business party that slaves lavishly at the feet of corporate America while rejecting the racism, homophobia, and religious intolerance typified by today’s GOP.

They’re called “Democrats.” 


  1. HEY!

    What's wrong with civil war reenacting? I have a Jew-cousin who goes all out (Southern officer).

    Why hate. You think there weren't any gays fighting in the Grey?

    In any event, he has plenty of gay friends.

  2. If General Lee had only secured the supply lines...

  3. Hatred of hate is not hate. Two negatives cancel each other out.

  4. So every self-identifying Southerner, who cares at all for their heritage is filled with "Hate"?

    Yes, slavery = atrocity, etc. No argument there. But, to say anybody who likes doing civil war reenactments for the South is filled with hate, is naive.

    This coming from a guy who, I am certain, in celebration of the greatest mass murder of the last 600 years, puts on a shiny thong with tassels and parades his red ass all around the Columbus Day regatta.

    Just identifying as a democrat shows how ignorant you are because the democrats from back in the day down here were quite pro segregation.

  5. @1:18

    Stuck a nerve? Truth hurts.

  6. Godwhacker at the Columbus Day Regatta:

  7. Ha ha. Everyone knows I would never wear a white dress after Labor Day.

    What happened to all those racist Democrats when LBJ pushed for civil rights again? Where did they go?

  8. Breaking News:

    GOLD, MARK (Ticket Clinic Monkey)
    Jail Number: 130066271 is at
    Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center

    Case Number: F13024949

  9. Tea Party, Ted Cruz loving Republican here.

    When it's me, God and the ballot box - I will punch my vote for Charlie Crist. He is a gentleman.

  10. Funny that jay weaver trashes um and embraced scum Shapiro and now that nothing happened , weaver crawled back under his rock. Weaver is the heralds carl rove - always on the wrong side of the issue. Big on allegations. But doesn't seem to care about reporting real news .


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