Federal Court Closure Update -- I Was in the House When the House Burned Down!

Happy Columbus Day!

I know this day is a special one for many of you, filled with precious family memories, laughter, love, children, and puppies.  Lots of puppies.

The rest of us are slogging through another Monday.....

Here is the latest on the federal court shutdown that is imminent Thursday (or perhaps Friday):
Federal courts, which have been using fees and other funds to operate since the shutdown began, will likely have enough money to operate until Oct. 17, and possibly Oct. 18.
After that, the courts will run out of money and shut down all nonessential work.

A limited number of workers would perform essential work, while all others would be furloughed.

Each court would make a determination on what is essential and nonessential. Judges would still be able to seat jurors, but the jurors won’t be paid until Congress provides funding. Court-appointed lawyers would also not get paid.

The Supreme Court opened its term Monday and says its business will go on despite the ongoing shutdown. The Supreme Court announced Thursday it would stay open through Friday, Oct. 18, including hearing two days of arguments this coming week.
So it seems Chief Judge Moreno will make the hard calls this week (if it comes to that).

(Note to Chief Judge Moreno: my discovery motion is essential -- I truly need 32 rogs!

To summarize: Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin are grandstanding at the WWII Memorial while the federal court system prepares to shut down.

Priorities, right?


  1. I could ---- ------ these -------- censors.

  2. Happy Columbus Day, SFL. :)

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