Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all you sexy dominatrix prosecutors and sub/slave defense attorneys.

Note: Good thing heterosexuals don't "rub it in our faces."


  1. (We do have a pretty awesome healthcare system)

    Happy Halloween, SFL & Godwhacker.

  2. @10:01,

    Thank you! But don't leave out GB! Never leave out GB!

  3. 10:01 here,
    I do keep forgetting don't I? Do over:

    Happy Halloween, SFL, Godwhacker & GB. Hope you get lots of candy!!

  4. Ditto SFL and crew!!

  5. GW and @10:01 - thank you.

    It's good to be loved .

  6. Have you all gone mad? Do you have any idea how dangerous Halloween is? From hypo-glycemia and diabetes from the candy (anybody looking to sue Mars or Hershey call me asap) to getting hit by cars while stumbling around at night with masks that impede your vision, this holiday tops spencer's list of STAY AT HOME Days. If you don't want to die an early and agonizing death then please stay home.

  7. The real dangers of Halloween have nothing to do with hypoglycemia and diabetes. This is the night when the barrier between the dimensions is at its weakest. All manor of forgotten lore tell of the dark things that crawl through the cracks from the other side. Goblins, Trolls, and Godwhackers OH MY!

  8. @1:29, You're Welcome.

    Muuaahh! :}


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