Judge Rothenberg Caught Up in Trader Joe's Towing Frenzy!

What better way to say welcome to the neighborhood than to tow dozens of cars of shoppers excited to visit Trader Joe's on opening day!

So how was the shopping experience?

Some caught up in the frenzy were not even visiting Trader Joe's and were properly parked:
Arthur Rothenberg enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the Roasters ‘N’ Toasters deli in Pinecrest Friday afternoon. But the retired Miami-Dade circuit judge wasn’t too happy when he finished his turkey wrap and went out to the parking lot to find his car was gone.

It had been towed because someone in management at the Dadeland Plaza shopping center thought he was a customer of the new Trader Joe’s grocery store next door.

“To bolster my credibility, I told them I was a judge because I was furious,” said Rothenberg, who was able to get his car back without paying. “But what about all the other people who are being towed recklessly, who don’t have the fortune to pay the fine, and who don’t have the credibility to bolster their case?” 
This is why I love Judge Rothenberg.

First, he wasn't even visiting the new must-purchase-first-day-shopping-mecca-of-the-moment; he was eating at a deli!

Second, despite his being able to talk his way out of the ticket, he is most concerned with the less fortunate among us who may not be so lucky.

Finally, he still thinks being a local judge confers real credibility (ok, of course I'm joking about the last part).

Interesting and highly endearing fact about Judge Rothenberg -- along with Borscht Belt greats such as Mel Brooks, Jerry Lewis, and Red Buttons, Judge Rothenberg was once a "tummler" in the Catskills!

(Trust me, these are good skills to have at 73 West Flagler.)
Read more re: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/21/3703145/new-trader-joes-store-creates.html#storylink=cpy


  1. Should you really be pulling the "I'm a judge" card to "bolster your credibility" when arguing with the towing company? I think not, though I admit that I haven't researched the issue. Just sayin'.

  2. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups have the "Godwhacker" seal of approval.

  3. I would be okay with "I am GOD" if they wrongly tow a car.

  4. 11:19, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups-- well, well, that certainly woke my sweet tooth up...

  5. Too bad it was not that other recently retired jurist who was the victim of this mishap. Do you think for one second he would not have pulled rank? I would have paid $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to see that scene.

  6. where has juan ramirez been? he was trolling the blogs regularly and then snuck away.

  7. Hey 11:18. I oftentimes play golf with some judges. We play a $10 Nassau, mandatory presses all the way around, and $10 for pin length on the par 3's. And the beer lady is taken care of big time when she serves up adult spirits on the 3rd, 10th, and 15th holes. Should I wear a wire on Saturday morning and then head to the JQC or wait for you to research this issue?

  8. When "I am Godwhacker" doesn't cut through the line fast enough I always throw in a minor earthquake and some thunder to speed things along.

    It's so dramatic!

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