Magistrate Judge Goodman Is Back!

We've been missing Magistrate Judge Goodman's song lyric references, and were hoping this crappy blawg did not do anything to hamper his creativity in that regard.

Well he's back!

Perhaps the Judge has been following David Mandel's charity boxing efforts, because in he drops with a well-timed Simon & Garfunkel reference:
In their song “The Boxer,” Simon & Garfunkel explain that “still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”1
Here's the best part -- get a load of the new and improved, streamlined citation:
“The Boxer,” on Bridge Over Troubled Water (Columbia 1969).
Simple and concise.

Well done, sir!


  1. Horrible version of that song SFL.

  2. Dedicated to Magistrate Goodman, per 97-cv-2729 [SDFL]; "I just shook the handshake, I just sealed the deal
    I’ll try not to let them take everything they can steal
    People always told me don’t forget your roots” “The Handshake” – MGMT.

  3. "Baby Scratch My Back" Slim Harpo, 1966.

  4. "Welcome to the Jungle." Guns N Roses, bitches.

  5. goodman sucked ass as practicing lawyer.

  6. 9:36 spoken like a weasel

  7. 9:36 That wasn't my experience. He beat me in court(he had the better case) and was thorough and professional.

  8. Just pointing out that (1) "responses, replies, and sur-replies"; (2) a hearing; and (3) a twenty-eight page order all to issue (A) a two-month-long stay seems (B) a tad excessive.


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