Mark Gold Redux.

Our friends at Random Pixels broke this distressing story about Ticket Clinic founder Mark Gold.

From the Herald:
Mark S. Gold, a prominent Miami traffic ticket lawyer who is suing a downtown strip club over a $19,000 bill, was arrested Wednesday on allegations he attacked his fiancée because he was upset over Facebook posts.

Miami Beach police jailed Gold, founder of the Ticket Clinic law firms, on Wednesday afternoon. The charge: felony domestic battery.

The 58-year-old was found walking near the Rivo Alto bridge after his fiancée called police to report a domestic disturbance. His face had been battered during a confrontation. According to an arrest report, his fiancée had just flown in from Texas.

At his home on posh Rivo Alto island, Gold confronted her “over things he found on Facebook about her,” the arrest report said. The argument escalated and Gold “struck her with his hand and then pushed her to the ground,” according to the report.
Ok, this is becoming a bit Spencer's World -- (1) stay out of strip clubs; (2) stay off Facebook......

This is a sad situation, I hope things get back on track.


  1. Billy: did you see his booking photo? looks like she beat the shit out of him.

  2. I'd like to know who did that to him.

  3. His lawyer says he was the victim here.

  4. The picture supports that take.

  5. Happy Friday, SFL.

  6. Don't blame this in Facebook. The fact that our private information and interpersonal relationships have been voluntarily reduced to a corporate commodity, you can blame on Facebook. Hitting a loved one just means you're an arsehole.

  7. 1- Strip clubs are a den of iniquity. Not to mention the germs. Mersa anyone?

    2- Facebook? Boy am I looking for a good lawsuit against them. Anything from carpal tunnel syndrome from posting too much, to catching your slutty 21 year old finance from Dallas posting semi nude selfies causing a domestic violence incident at a posh Miami Beach Address.

    3-BTW I am also looking to pick up cases against the cell phone industry (texting while driving-attractive nuisance doctrine revived!) brain tumors, and dangerously devised instruments (little known fact but many cell phones can be quickly transformed into a deadly missile hurled with devastating accuracy and consequences).

    The lawyers at Spencer's World, where our motto is: if a Person designed it, it can kill or horribly maim you necessitating in a lawsuit where you don't pay any attorney fees unless you recover money.


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