SFL Friday -- Goodbye Cruel World!

In honor of the government shutdown, this blawg has laid off all its staff and will operate solely to receive comments and/or make fun of Ted Cruz.

This will continue at least until Monday when somebody does something blawg-worthy again and our tireless staff decides to shake off the weekend bender and get back to work for no pay (in other words, just like we do every Monday).

Have a great weekend!


  1. I called my rep to complain about the shutdown, but the office was shutdown.

    Circular firing squad anyone?

  2. Bender commenced: spicy blood mary for breakfast.

    Hot date tonight with wife (mine, not yours, SFL.)


  3. Happy Friday SFL!!

  4. Happy Friday & Weekend, SFL! :)

    Miami Herald.
    David Ovalle.

    Famed Miami personal injury lawyer Spencer Aronfeld was attacked and beaten by his Iphone 4S in an incident at the Coral Gables Starbucks Saturday evening. The police were called and Aronfeld was taken to the hospital where he was listed in stable but hysterical condition. Coral Gables Police Spokesperson Dom Del Luca said the police are looking for an Iphone of interest.

    Kaitlin Oakburn, a student at UM and a barrista at the Starbucks called 911: "I see this snarky looking dude making some sort of video with his iPhone and then the phone just went berserk and started beating him about the head and the dude just went down and started screaming for help. Hot coffee was everywhere and then some people pulled the phone off the dude. The Phone was playing all sorts of rap music and acting real gansta and then it bolted out the door."

    Aronfeld is a well known Coral Gables personal injury lawyer who has in the past warned about the dangers many common items like cell phones pose. The incident was caught on Starbucks security tape as well as the cell phones of several customers. The police are reviewing the videos in hopes of identifying the phone.

  6. Greatest comment in the history of this blog! a Hall Of fame comment.

  7. Very very good...gangsta rap makes it oh so special

  8. Spencer has NWA playing softly in the background in his waiting room.

  9. You know you're going to prison. You know it's coming. You know you and your conspirators will perp walk.


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