Stu Grossman Approves of Outcome of UM NCAA Nevin Shapiro Investigation.

Just thought everyone should know.

In other news, Stu Grossman doesn't think much of Nevin Shapiro:
"He is a bitter ... who is sitting in federal prison," Grossman said. "You are talking about a bad human being who picked on poor kids who were athletes. It was sad. He is a predator."
Probably a lot of people agree with Stu on both counts.


  1. Jay Weaver got it wrong again . Hitched his wagon to Shapiro . What a failure .

  2. I would love to find some Surrey lawyers that can help me out with the case that I am working on. I haven't been able to make any progress and I need some professional help.

  3. Fat dumb Maria Elena .... Not long for the bar. What a low rent person.


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