Tuesday, the day when you get things done!

Hi fellow plebes, if you're like me Tuesday is the day when you get things done. Monday is for recovery. Wednesday is hump day, so that keeps me busy. Thursday and Friday are for skating towards the weekend. Tuesday is the day to make the week. Tuesday makes it happen! All hail Tuesday!

Now with that out of the way I have to say that between the pro-castration crowd and the anti-castration crowd I'm decidedly anti-castration. Sacks are succulent! Testicles are terrific! But if and when castration becomes a necessity it's best kept a private affair. That is why, though I've moved over the years away from the conservatives and firmly into the progressive camp, I take no joy in the recent, public castrations of conservative leaders.

Last week it was John Boehner, this week it's Marco Rubio.

Remember that immigration bill that Rubio helped craft, the one that was supposed to set things right between the Latino community and the GOP? The one he was for but now he's against? Yes, that one. In all my 3,788 years I have rarely seen such a naked act of complete, feckless cowardice. There are jellyfish with more backbone. There are ameba with more spine.

Contrary to rumor, Rubio isn't a complete idiot. He knows what the right thing to do is. For years he's been trying to herd his Tea Party cats in the direction of a more sane and compassionate immigration policy. But to the Neo-Confederates of the Tea Party the inevitable browning of America is a bad thing. Rubio sold long. Rubio sold hard. But in the end there was no sale. So rather than standing his ground and siding with the sparse, sane factions within his party Rubio is fully capitulating with the extremists and undermining everything that he worked and stood for over the past 3 years.

If that's not a castration, what is? Truth be Todd.


  1. I think Rubio is a smuck for, among other things, the way he holds up judicial nominations.

    But I give him a pass on evolving approach to immigration reform. He seems to be a realist. The comprehensive plan would not pass the house. So, do things piecemeal and get as much done a possible. Some reform is better than the status quo.

  2. You call it 'evolving' I call it cowering.

  3. Good post godwhacker!

  4. One day Godwhacker will do a post without any sexual innuendo.

  5. @1:52



    Probably no.

  6. Seriously, Godwhacker, do your best -- I am no longer innocent because of you.

  7. LOLA






    (Hey - I've been around .)


  8. Middle aged for a Godwhacker.


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