US Court System to Get Two -- Possibly Three -- More Days!

Previously we reported that the federal courts were to stay open until roughly October 15th, at which point they were going to figure out how to turn the whole darn thing off.

Now comes this great news:
The Judiciary will remain open for business through October 17, 2013. When no funding mechanism was in place on October 1, 2013, the Judiciary projected that fee income and no-year appropriated funds would enable court operations to continue for ten business days. The Judiciary has severely restricted spending during that period so that limited additional funding now exists. Spending rates and fund balances will continue to be monitored closely in hope that adequate funds may be available to allow courts to operate through the end of the work week – October 18.
And you crybabies were worried about the government shutdown.

We're talking three more days!

(Then of course all hail breaks loose.)


  1. What a colassol fucking mess.

  2. These idiot Republicans!

  3. Not really a mess: we still have Facebook, Twitter, and don't forget the NSA.

  4. is still operating

  5. Mr. Justice Milton HIrschOctober 11, 2013 at 8:01 AM

    I will be, in fulfillment of my constitutional duties, the emergency back-up federal judge for all matters arising during the time the federal government is closed in the Southern District Of Florida. You may schedule emergency matters only through Ms. Moneypenny in my chambers and I will have an emergency cell phone for federal purposes only:


    Thank you.

  6. "Everything Must Go"

  7. Fine, outsource federal court services to an English speaking country, and watch the improvement.


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