It's 2:00 PM and there is no post up?! Are we slackers or what? I don't have jack today. Afterglow. So let's just shine the spotlight on a few good causes.

One of my all time favorites, David Byrne, is putting on a show to benefit the Philippines. The proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders. The show will reunite the cast of David's ethereal "Here Lies Love," an album and play based on the rise and fall of Filipina First Lady Imelda Marcos. One of the benefits of being everywhere all at once is that I'll be there. But if you can't and you'd still like to help you can donate directly to DWB here.

You know that I'm a big supporter of medical MJ. Apparently so are most Floridians. But it's not going to happen unless sufficient signatures are filed to get it on the ballot. You can help with that here.

And if you like clean drinking water, and I know I do, you might want to consider supporting Florida's Water and Land Legacy amendment.

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks GW -- the NSA must have ate my post! I'll try again.

  2. Not those beaches again!


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