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Hey, Somebody Got Left Off the "Giving Thanks" List!

How could a lowly South Florida blawger toiling away for the love of the profession be thoughtlessly omitted?


  1. We thank you even if Aronturd won't!!

  2. Is it just me or does the coloring remind you of Stephen King's descriptions in the langoliers?

  3. 11:35 am. Most brilliant comment of the year!!

  4. Happy weekend folks. May the biggest whacks be yours!

  5. Happy Friday, SFL.

    You too Godwhacker & GB.

    Peace Out!

    By David Ovalle, The Miami Herald.

    The Coral Gables Police department announced today the arrest of the IPhone suspected of battering local Coral Gables Attorney Spencer Arronfeld.

    "The IPhone, which was seen by several witnesses beating Mr. Aaronfeld was apprehended today by an off duty City of Miami Police Officer" said the press release of the Coral Gables Police Department. "The IPhone was hanging around the entrance to the Metro Rail Station on US 1 and 27th Avenue smoking a cigarette and using foul language. Several riders had complained about the phone and when Officer Miguel Sanchez approached the phone the phone attempted to flee. The officer detained the phone until a records check revealed a warrant for the phone's arrest in connect with the beating of Spencer Aaronfeld."

    It was a few weeks ago when Aaronfeld's Iphone suddenly turned on him in the Starbucks on Miracle Mile. "I was buying a cafe latte when my phone suddenly started playing rap music from NWA. I put the phone in my pocket but the music just got louder. I tried to turn the phone off and it went berserk' Aronfeld recalled. "It started beating me and I went to the ground like I've been trained to do. Drop, roll, and run is my philosophy. But it took like three barristas to pull the IPhone off me. Then the Iphone told me to do try and do something to myself that is physically impossible and then it started playing really lewd rap music lyrics and went running out of the Starbucks. The Starbucks people were nice enough to make me another Latter and call 911. I haven't seen the phone since and my family and I are grateful to the work of the police in arresting the phone. Now I feel like I can sleep at nights again and also go back to my Starbucks. I've been following the suggestions of the police and varying my Starbucks routine but now I feel like I can go get a Latte whenever I want. And by the way, if you or a loved one has been injured by a cellphone or a too hot Starbucks beverage, the lawyers at the Aronfeld law firm are ready to help you in your time of need."

    The Iphone is currently being held without bond. A court spokesman indicated that the arraignment date would be set in December."

  7. Best continuing story on the blog.

    Who will defend the iPhone? Rumpole?

    What Judge will be assigned the case?

    Will Arronfeld be deposed by the defense?

    Wil there be a jury trial?

  8. Thanks for the post! My brother is looking for lawyers in St. John's. He got in a bad auto accident a week ago.


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