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Ho Hum. Historic Same-Sex Reproductive Rights Ruling By the Florida Supreme Court.

It's not every day the Florida Supreme Court issues an historic ruling on same-sex parental rights, invalidating a Florida statute on due process and equal protection grounds.

Today is that day.

The opinion by Justice Pariente is delicate and well-written.

(Justice Polston wrote the dissent.)

Aren't you glad you voted to retain her?


  1. Why no news accounts?

  2. There was one mention on Huffpost and the Herald is covering it as a custody decision. How can so few people see what an incredible ruling this is. Outstanding.

  3. Stop taking my material, SFL.

  4. And also based on Fla Constitutional right to privacy.
    Beautifully written.

  5. @8:17

    "Godwhacker" is one word, but like totally!

    What good news.

  6. Spencer's WorldNovember 8, 2013 at 8:04 AM

    Please remember that reproduction is fraught with potential for disastrous if not deadly consequences. Beyond the yuck factor of all those germs and diseases, at our law firm we have handled many types of injuries that had their genesis in the act of reproduction: 1) Car accident when wayward leg hit gear shift sending car careening down street and hitting out client-pedestrian (another reason why you should never ever walk down the street) 2) Clients both tumbled off second floor hotel balcony into pool when balcony gave way after clients were engaged in acts of reproduction on balcony; 3) Client fractured wrist when she tumbled to ground after barstool she was holding onto during act of frantic reproduction cracked; 4) Both clients sustained scrapes and injuries when hotel bed collapsed during act of reproduction; and finally- 5) clients successfully recovered for intentional infliction of emotion distress when they were locked on airline restroom for 3/4 of flight to Brazil when they entered restroom to engage in reproductive acts and join mile high club. Damages increased due to sustained applause of rest of airline passengers upon their release from the bathroom.

    Can we make the point any clearer? Reproductive acts are dangerous and are best left to experts in controlled environments.

  7. Godwhacker has a fan club!

    So jealous .



    robin r going to the 11th

  9. GB,

    jealously is a useless and pointless emotion. Especially in three-ways.


  10. Hey! Sorry to have been MIA. Was on a self-imposed hiatus. LOL. Glad to be back and getting into the swing of things.

    Of course you were one of my first stops. Nice to read some posts and catch-up with your news.

    I hope the Dolphins have retained your services too to help solve their bullying situation. LOL.

    Happy Friday!!!


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