Learn From This, Childrens!

Many of you youngsters may not remember Gary Brooks, a very interesting person and long-time civil litigator who sadly passed last year.

Turns out Gary had an unfortunate experience late in his career tangling with opposing counsel in a case that in which opposing counsel's alleged behavior went first to the Florida Bar and then all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, resulting in a suspension of two years as well as a public reprimand.

The factual history as recounted by the Court is not pretty, and involves both Judge Dresnick and retired Senior Judge Tobin, along with Judge Manno Schurr for good measure.

A must read, and an antidote to the impulses which frequently rage inside of us litigators to just be arseholes and let it all fly.


  1. very cool and irreverent obituary . . .

    "Gary is survived by his wife Frances Esposito; two sons (that we know of) . . . "

  2. Good read. My favorite line is "[h]is unprofessional conduct is an embarrassment to all members of The Florida Bar."

    Based on these facts, I'm shocked that the referee only recommended a 90-day suspension and probation.

  3. The guy is obviously mentally ill. He needed supervision and medication more than he needed a two year hit. The referee got it right.

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